Friday, 30 December 2011

New rings for the Princes of the Church

I know you think that the picture is totally unrelated, but they're Cardinals, and those Cardinals had rings. Therefore, it is relevant.

In February - in all likelihood the 18th and 19th of February - the fourth consistory for the creation of new cardinals in Benedict XVI's pontificate will take place. Vatican Insider has written many times of the lists of possible new cardinals: the now-imminent decision is confirmed by the purchasing of the new cardinal's rings. It is tradition, in fact, for the reigning Pontiff to give a ring to the new “senators of the Church”. Up until now, Pope Ratzinger has given newly-created cardinals rings forged on the model used during John Paul II's pontificate (a rectangle of worked gold, upon which stands a cross). But now a design has been approved for a new cardinal's ring, made in the form of a cross, which will be used for the first time next February. It was created by ecclesiastical goldsmiths the Savi Brothers, who work in Borgo Pio, at a cost of around €1,500. The Savis have already worked for some time with the Office of Papal Liturgical Celebrations: they are the ones who created the papal “ferula,” the cross the Pope uses as a pastoral staff during Mass.


With the new consistory, says Sandro Magister on his website, the cardinals created by Ratzinger (who have the right to vote in the conclave) surpass, for the first time, the number of those appointed by Wojtyla. Benedict XVI does not want to exceed the limit of 120 voting cardinals, established by Paul VI. In February, the available posts will be 13, and could become 15, counting the other two cardinals who will reach the age of eighty in the following months.
You can read the rest of the short article at the Vatican Insider on, La Stampa

Let's say that again for fun: La Stampa, it's so rythmical!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Our great and wonderful Holy Father!

God sent his son into the world to save it from evil, pride and violence, Pope Benedict XVI said in his Urbi et Orbi message on Christmas Day.
“The child whom we contemplate is our salvation! He has brought to the world a universal message of reconciliation and peace,” the Pope said as he stood on the central balcony of St Peter’s Basilica and gave his solemn Christmas blessing.
Tens of thousands of people were gathered in St Peter’s Square for the noon address and blessing. Under bright skies they listened to the music of military bands, admired the Vatican’s Nativity scene and took pictures of the Swiss Guards, who were wearing armour over their colourful medieval uniforms.
In his Christmas message, as in his homily at Mass the night before, Pope Benedict spoke about God’s desire to save humanity and his decision to do that by being born in Bethlehem, living among people, dying for them and rising from the dead.
“Come to save us! This is the cry raised by men and women in every age, who sense that by themselves they cannot prevail over difficulties and dangers,” the Pope said. Jesus “is the hand God extends to humanity to draw us out of the mire of sin and to set us firmly on rock, the secure rock of his truth and love”.
Pope Benedict said that most of the world’s problems were caused by human sin, “the evil of separation from God, the prideful presumption of being self-sufficient, of trying to compete with God and to take his place, to decide what is good and evil, to be the master of life and death”.
Jesus came to earth to bring people back to God, to turn them from their sin and to promote reconciliation, dialogue and co-operation, he said.
As is customary, Pope Benedict used his message to ask Christians to pray and offer concrete help to people who are suffering this Christmas, from famine in the Horn of Africa, flooding in Thailand and the Philippines, tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, violence in Syria, a lack of peace and security in Iraq and Afghanistan, the struggle for democracy and human rights in across North Africa and the Middle East, and for the people of Burma, South Sudan and Africa’s Great Lakes region.
From the greatest of publications, the Catholic Herald


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

God King Wenceslas went out...

on the feast of Stephen, and I'm sure this is what the homily that day was

Monday, 26 December 2011

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

May you have a blessed, jolly, merry, glorious, and happy Christmas!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Like a broken record!

What a day it is today. The eve of Christmas Eve. Today, traditionally, many people start to make a simple bread pudding, their rice puddings, started preparing the turkey and ham, potatoes, chicken, bacon, chestnuts....ohh my. That's what most people look forward to on Christmas, whereas Catholics, we're not (well, statistically we are, but) most people. We know that Christmas is not merely a jolly season, and happy holiday. It's the birth of the Christchild.

I have my shopping done. I was to the Mall the other day, I saw a big lineup of children, bless', to sit on Father Christmas's lap and get their picture taken. I saw 70% and 30% off sales in every store. "Happy Holidays" was plastered on every wall and crack and crevice, "Seasons Greetings" was displayed on banners and along the the rails of the stairs. I saw little red, big green, super-size green bulbs hanging from the ceilings. Quite the display. What was missing? Christmas. There wasn't a Nativity Scene like there usually was; there was one last year. There was no "Merry Christmas", just "Happy Holidays" and "Celebrate the holidays with ___", the people were rampant and bloodthirsty it seemed, looking for gifts and Santa treats.

But, I feel I've posted enough (like a broken record) about how much I hate people trying to remove the Christ from Christmas. I'll let this good video explain....better than I EVER could.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Today's treat

Something else for the progressive crowd to lose their minds over :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Religieux de Sacre Coeurs!

I recommend you this blog in French, from the Religious of the Sacred Heart. The images are beautiful, and represent the true spirit of cloistered life.

Falalalala lalalala

Have a holly jolly Christmas! Tis the best time of the year!

Indeed it is other than Easter, as we celebrate the birth of our blessed Lord and Saviour, born of the sinless Virgin, as His foster father watched and kept care.

It is that classic image, of the Blessed Virgin on he knees, with her hand folded in prayers, as she gazes upon the face of the divine Messiah in the mange. Good St Joseph has a staff, and is holding up a light to reveal what is there. He too is adoring. He who would die for our sins, Our sovereign King, lay in the manger because there was no room at neither inn to keep him.

So often is this forgot at Christmas time. It has become secularised, it has become a time of focussing on the "good of Humanity" which is jolly well, but is not God's goodness infinitely better? We can't let Christmas become about us, it is not about us. It is about Christ's birth. Giving and receiving gifts is a wonderful way to celebrate this.

Santa Claus is a Catholic anyways, so we don't have to worry about that!

Monday, 19 December 2011

The death of a leader

So, Kim Jong Il has died. He is now awaiting or has received his eternal judgement. He killed many, left many to die. The people of North Korea are now being forced to mourning over his untimely death. You can see the impact in some of the videos, over the sadness of this godless communist dictator's death.

Also in some of the videos, you can see that some of the people crying are actually smiling! I don't suppose it's because now, maybe they'll have an election? A bit of democracy? This is history!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Fourth Sunday of Advent!

Excita, quaesumus Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni, et magna nobis virtute succurre; ut per auxilium gratiae tuae, quod nostra peccata praepediunt, indulgentia tuae propitiationibus acceleret: qui vivis et regnas cum Deo Patre in unitate Spiritus Sancti Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum.

This is just a test

Hello! I am just testing this new thing I found…”Windows Live Writer” to publish to my blog. It’s pretty fun, but I just need to get used to it.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Requiscat in Pace

The good Cardinal John Patrick Foley, is being prayed for during his funeral today, which is being broadcast on EWTN and Salt & Light, and I presume other Catholic channels. Cardinal Foley had a good battle to fight whilst upon earth, and now, please God he is in eternal happiness for this man was saintly.

Please say a prayer for the repose of His soul.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A moment of beauty...

Sorry, it's the best I could find :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

You know, I don't know what it is lately, but I've had scarce time to post! Goodness! We're in the third week of Advent now, and we are as closer to Christmas as ever! No doubt, it's the time of (un)liturgical blue in some parishes, and maybe your local Church has invited the Rev'd Lou Laderhosen (no offence to my dear German readers) to speak at the Carols service, with blue rainbow vestments no doubt!

So, what about Christmas! I am positive you've received in your mail "seasons greetings" from your local MHA or MP, and that most local businesses are having "holiday sales" for the "happy holidays". Also, I suppose you've read the article on how to have the perfect "godless" Christmas?

And that is our problem exactly! The so popular notion of a godless Christmas! I am asking, how is this possible? And now I shall rant.

These days, in this age, when our dear little ones look forward to Christmas, they think of Santa or Father Christmas and await his visit on Christmas night. They leave cake and syrup, or cookies and milk for him, and maybe a carrot for Rudolph. Children are told by their parents to behave, because Santa is watching! I don't think that jolly ol' Fater Christmas is harmful or bad at all, for children it's a wee bit of fun! And, we do know that Father Christmas is a Catholic after all! Though, that is not what Christmas is about.

It's not allowed to be taught in schools, it's not allowed on the radio. Christmas, the word itself, is avoided and replaced with the "holiday" or "season", as if the moment the word rolled off your tongue, one would catch fire! People fear it, and do you know why? Because they don't fear, let alone believe in God, our Saviour, Jesus Christ whose blessed and holy Birth we celebrate at Christmas, hence the name!

If it were not for the birth of the Son of God, we wouldn't have Christmas, and as much as people like to replace it with another completely different "feel good and giddy" "holiday", they themselves DO know this.

It is our duty as Christians, to take BACK Christmas. I urge you whenever someone says to you "Happy Holidays" turn right back around, smile as big you can, and say with heart "Merry Christmas!" and walk away. The true meaning of Christmas, IS to celebrate the birth of Christ! It is not about gifts, though that is a wonderful tradition and way we celebrate Christ's birth, but as Catholics, the best gift would be to go to Mass. We must adore and worship the King of all, Our sweetest Saviour. And that is Christmas!

But we are only yet in Advent, and the perfect time to honour and praise the Blessed Virgin, who bore the Saviour. Take up your Rosary, I'm sure you have one, pray it with fervency! With her, gaze upon the face of Christ.

Monday, 12 December 2011


I just had a visit from the Jehovah's (false) Witnesses.

They handed me their Watchtower, which ironically included an article called "Lies about God" and they handed me their Awake as well.

Really they should start to put hardcovers on them, because they accidentally ripped into a hundred pieces when I moved my fingers!

.....the worst part is I forgot to say "Merry Christmas" when they were leaving! :(

Sunday, 11 December 2011

And it is now the Third Sunday

I'm still alive, I'm still kicking. But, I haven't been computer-ing. I will blog more this week.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Second Sunday of Advent!

I apologise for my lateness, it's been hectic!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Spiritus Christi becoming too traditional

Read and opine.
Ten years after her historic ordination, Mary Ramerman rarely makes it into the papers anymore. Watching her {not}minister as a {non}priest today, it may be hard{less} to believe that she was at the center of a highly publicized, painful battle between the diocese of Rochester, N.Y., and the parish then known as Corpus Christi in the late 1990s.
Back then, Corpus Christi was a Roman Catholic parish on the fringe. {though an understatement, at least they admit it somewhat} Led by Fr. Jim Callan, a charismatic{re:charismatic} priest with a radical commitment to the poor{that's commendable, but good works are dead without good faith} and marginalized,{the marginalised he says} the church was known for taking risks.
They invited everyone to Communion, they blessed the unions of gay and lesbian couples (though never on diocesan property) {yes, of course, never on diocesan property.}and they allowed Mary Ramerman, the parish's lay associate pastor,{there is not one document or law, rule, regulation, or any place for a "lay associate pastor". Priests are priests, the laity are the laity} to preach and to stand with Callan at the altar during the Eucharistic prayer. {special treatment. Isn't that marginalising the rest of the congregation?}Eventually, she was also invited to raise the chalice during the consecration.{probably invalid}In time, all of this radical inclusiveness caught up with them. Diocesan officials moved Callan to another parish. They replaced him with a group of pastoral administrators,{replaced a Priest with laymen?} including two women, who fired Ramerman in October 1998{sensible, they wre at least}. Most of the rest of the staff were let go just before Christmas of that year.
A large part of the community regrouped and, with Ramerman's leadership, renamed themselves Spiritus Christi.{re:latin} Callan joined them for a service and, as a result, was automatically barred from serving the Rochester diocese. After that, he joined the community, too.  {skipped a bit......}

They cherish their identity as {non-}Catholics, love the sacramental tradition {apparently not, if they reject them. You can't love something but yet detest them at once}and are grounded in the theology of the preferential option for the poor. {"grounded"}They don't think much about Rome or the hierarchy of the diocese of Rochester anymore.{hence, they're not Catholic!}
"I have found it so immensely freeing to not have to hang on to that mode of thinking that says, 'We are Catholic, you are not Catholic,'" {oh the poor dear, having to hang on to "that mode of thinking" must really wear one out}Ramerman told me in an interview earlier this week. "When I became free of that system, it opened up such a greater understanding of God and the people around me."{a proper understanding?}
Ramerman admits that, initially, Spiritus Christi did hope to be welcomed back into the institutional church. "A lot of people don't realize that after our split with the diocese, we continued as a parish led by a celibate, male priest. {...}We thought that maybe in a year or two they would miss us and welcome us back."{"miss us, and welcome us back. A church is not a dog}
Here is the punch line:
Ramerman admits that Spiritus is sometimes criticized for being too traditional.
"They ask me, 'Why do you wear an alb?' or 'Why do you allow people to call you reverend?'" she said. "Given our size, we can grow quickly in terms of preaching or social action, but other areas, like changing these traditions, have to move a lot more slowly."
Emphasis and comments mine.
Read the full thing here

Friday, 2 December 2011

Vespers at the Oratory

He is a treat for you! Vespers from the London Oratory!
Here is the programme:
Organ Prelude: Intonazione octavo tono (Giovanni Gabrieli)
Invitatory: Deus in adjutorium meum (Victoria)
Antiphons & Psalms: 110, 113, 116, 126, 117 (Victoria)
Hymn: Exsultet orbis gaudiis (Victoria)
Antiphon: Cum pervenisset (Plainsong)
Canticle: Magnificat primi toni (Victoria)
Antiphon of Our Lady: Alma Redemptoris mater (Victoria)
Organ Voluntary: Tiento de quinto tono (Francisco Correa de Arauxo)

A fine critique!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

This has gone too far

I am sighing right now, as the "Occupy" crowd has gone far enough.
just see here.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Beautiful Simplicity

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Birmingham's St Chad's Basilica, seize it and enjoy it. It is gorgeous.It is one of only three minor basilica's in England!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's Advent

Pray. Start this novena tomorrow, end on Christmas Ever. Say 15 times a day.

Hail, and blessed be the hour and moment at which the Son of God was born of a most pure Virgin at a stable at midnight in Bethlehem in the piercing cold. At that hour vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, to hear my prayers and grant my desires. (Mention your intentions here) Through Jesus Christ and His most Blessed Mother.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Friday, 25 November 2011

When I survey the Wondrous Cross

I don't know what it is about this one hymn, but I just love it, and this is my favourite rendition.
It IS a traditional Catholic hymn, and one which I have found is NOT ruined by most progressives, for the
simple fact that it contains (1) Reference to Christ our most Sweetest Saviour and (2) to His glorious Cross

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Godsend

This, from the wonderful Vatican Insider
A team has been set up, to put a stop to garage style churches, boldly shaped structures that risk denaturing modern places for Catholic worship. Its task is also to promote singing that really helps the celebration of mass. The “Liturgical art and sacred music commission” will be established by the Congregation for Divine Worship over the coming weeks. This will not be just any office, but a true and proper team, whose task will be to collaborate with the commissions in charge of evaluating construction projects for churches of various dioceses. The team will also be responsible for the further study of music and singing that accompany the celebration of mass.
This is excellent. Maybe every new church plan should be sent for approval before being built. Could this possible be a response to all the tree-house, McDonald's style churches? Could this be a response to the decline of a sense of the sacred, a reverent Mass? Hmmm, I wonder.......

And for good measure, feast your eyes on this jewel.

No, it's not alive.
No, it will not take off in flight.
...for now

You know your computer is Catholic when....

it sees e-mail from "Catholics for Equality" as untrusted material and spam. Haha.

Monday, 21 November 2011

The sun is setting on the old translation! Last Sunday, Christ the King Sunday, was the last day the missal was used (besides for daily mass), and now we prepare for a better translation.

I wasn't here to say it, so I'll say it now. Yesterday was the feast of Christ the King of all Creation, King of the Universe! Christ is victor, Christ is reigning, Christ shall always reign for eternity! Christ the King, our sovereign priest and Head of the Church. Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat! Our sovereign Lord and King.

And today, is the fest of the Presentation of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Angels, Queen of the Universe. The Mother of God, who brought forth Our Lord through her womb. She, who points to Him, and through Whom, we come to Christ. Our Lady, the Virgin Immaculate, the purest of creatures! Sinless, immaculate.

Friday, 18 November 2011

The next example of 21st Century "Fine art"

Why on earth would the Diocese of Orange, California, USA, want this thing as a Cathedral? It's a Calvinist Church, built for Calvinists. It would fit better as a Mall than a Catholic Cathedral. *bigh huge sigh*

A new year!

Ah, we are approaching that time of year again. No, not the annual Call to Action conference, that's over. No, not the Geen Party's general convention either, I don't know whether it's over or not or if there was such a waste-of-time, but I can wait to hear about it.

I am speaking of the new Liturgical year, and also, of Advent. Now, the new liturgical year will affect many of us, in nothing BUT good ways. Even for us who assist at the TLM, the new liturgical year shall bring good and fresh fruits.

Sometimes, I'm am not able to make it to the TLM, and so I attend the Vernacular ("ordinary form"). Thanks be to God, we are getting rid of that horrid, bland, and poorly translated translation, and are welcoming, without (from true Catholics) complaint, a fresh, new translation. A more accurate, a better worded, more poetic translation. The Catholic press is abuzz with news, like criticism of it, to praise of it.

But, we need to also not get our hopes too high. If you attend a known "liturgically challenged" church, and if you are now expecting a Mass without abuse, horrid hymns, etc..., I think you know better. Better translation, yes indeed! But, I doubt whether you have a new "liturgy committee" or that the "liturgical dance troupe" has been thrown to the rubbish bin. Marty Haugen has set the new translation to music, which I must admit though I don't like it, it's not as bad as some others.

These parish committees or Alleluia Posse or whatever they call themselves, might find a way to fit in the old banners and dance scarves, puppets and strings. As of late, though this fad HAS been decreasing, slowly but surely. If you're active in your parish, you CAN prevent abuses. Now, I'm hardly suggesting that EVER SINGLE CHURCH will find a way to insert abuse, no. I am ONLY speaking about those select churches which we know, or you know, have a tendancy to offend Our Lord during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Just know and remember that things, most likely in this regard, WILL get better. Younger, more orthodox Priests. A better formed and catechised Parish. Etcetera.

Also, now with the start of Advent, when we prepare most graciously for the blessed birth of Our Lord and Saviour. We adore, praise and glorify Him. We pray and fast, and we seek His most Blessed Mother, our Mother too's, prayers as we praise and honour her.

Advent is the season of prayer, fasting, and preparation. Maybe, you pick a new patron saint for the new liturgical year. Advent, pray to your favourite or patron Saint, such as St John Bosco or St Benedict, for their intercession is most powerful as you honour those holy and glorious men and women.

Get out your Advent wreath! What other way to prepare for the birth of our Saviour than to count down the Sundays!

And, you can cook! Never, EVER, forget to make your Plum Pudding!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Summorum Pontificum forbidden in the Holy Land

This is quite upsetting!

In the parishes and chaplaincies of the diocese of the Latin Patriarchate, the Eucharist is always celebrated according to the ordinary form of the Roman Missal approved by the servant of God Pope Paul VI (1970) and promulgated in its third edition by the Blessed Pope John Paul II (2000).

Considering the consistent number of basilicas and sanctuaries built on the holy places and open to the reception of pilgrims coming from the entire world, the celebration of the Eucharist according to the extraordinary form remains always exceptional. It is only allowed to the groups of pilgrims already used to its usage in their country. It is subjected to the norms contained in the Instruction of the application of the Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum (April 30, 2011), published by the Pontifical Commision Ecclesia Dei.
Here's a list of rules from the Patriarch, from the ever-so-wonderful Rorate Caeli, whose translation of the original FRENCH, I have copied from.

Please pray!

I would like to thank my Three (3!) new followers! I know have eleven, which is very good. I am praying for you all.

Friday, 11 November 2011

-Happy Remembrance Day-

For those who gave their lives in the two WW's, and who continue to fight for our very freedom today, so that we may live, learn, and practise. I really hate, and it makes my blood boil, to hear someone say that they don't care for our dear brave fighters. That they should be pulled out, well I say to them: YOU go and fight then. It takes courage. God Bless them, and today as the whole Commonwealth remembers, God Save the Queen.

Long Live the Pope!

Long live the Pope!
His praises sound
Again and yet again:
His rule is over space and time:
His throne the heart of men:
All hail! The Shepherd Pope of Rome,
The theme of loving song:
Let all the earth his glory sing
And heav’n the strain prolong.

Beleaguered by
By the foes of earth,
Beset by hosts of hell,
He guards the loyal flock of Christ,
A watchful sentinel:
And yet, amid the din and strife,
The clash of mace and sword,
He bears alone the Shepherd Staff,
The champion of the Lord.

Then raise the chant,
With heart and voice,
In Church & school & home:
"Long live the Shepherd of the Flock!
Long live the Pope of Rome!"
Almighty Father bless his work,
Protect him in his ways,
Receive his prayer, fulfill his hopes,
And grant him length of days!

+Most Holy Mary, Mother of God. Mother of the Church, turn thine eyes towards our good Pontiff. Grant him the grace to be strong, and pray for him+

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Horseradish crazy

We are now, LESS THAN A MONTH away from the New Translation of the Roman Missal! I am so excited, though I prefer the TLM, I do attend the NO at times. This is a large improvement for the Ordinary Form.You have seen how th liberals and anti-Church lot has gone absolutely nuts, horseradish crazy over the new more accurate, orthodox, a more poetic and less-conversational translation.

Upset over the intoduction of "theological language" oohh, what a crime. I'm sorry, but the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is supposed to sound like a casual "Good day" conversation? But, that argument can sometimes be useless, since most of the dancy prancy rainbow-vestment crowd see the Mass as more of a meal, the time that we "get together and eat bread that represents Jesus", which is heresy. They lack the substance of religion. The Mass is when we adore and praise God himself, it is when we receive the very Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We receive Him Himself, His actual Body. Not bread.

Before Mass, I love to prepare myself by praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. I sing her praises due. When I receive Our Lord, I also as the Blessed Mother's intercession, then I worship and adore Him.

Progressives see no need for prayer, though they say that they do pray, dancing in a dress made of shower-curains, is not prayer.

In this new translation, where the cow, shall that lot fit the liturgical dance? Where will they fit the banners and streamers? Hopefull they won't. PRIESTS! Stand thy guard!

But, in the meanwhile, you know you have that safe haven in the Mass of the Ages, the TLM.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

What Protestants are lacking

I think you will notice that most Protestants like to brag that their faith is "based upon the Bible", "scriptural", "the one true interpretation". And, that is the problem. First of all, they're not based upon the Bible. Most Protestants reject "faith, without good works, is dead". They say only faith is required. Secondly, most protestants reject the very-biblical truths, such as Purgatory, the Immaculate Conception, the perpetual Virginity of our Blessed Virgin, and even some go so far as to reject the Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

It is truly a shame, since so many souls are being led away from the truth, but these mega-church Preachers on the television, by the local Jehovah's Witnesses, by the SDA church down the road. Why? To be led away, these people obviously must not have had a strong faith to begin with. Or, is that not the case?

Maybe, it's because their Parish Priest (or their "qualified lay homilist")had taught the poor soul that all religions and beliefs are equal, that they all lead to God. Therefore, the poor soul thinks "well, I feel better and like the ___________'s beliefs better, my Priest said they're all equal. I'll give 'em a try". We know that the idea of "all faiths being equal", is a blatant lie. I fail to see how there could be more than one way to God. Why would He require certain beliefs of one Church, then entire different teachings in another. Answer, there wouldn't and there isn't. In essence, it defeats the purpose of having Truth.

Protestants lack the fullness of Truth

The is truth, the only Truth, and always shall be, always has been. The Truth is most holy and divine, and it comes from God most high himself, and is slowly revealed to us by Holy Mother Church. This is the joy that comes from being Catholic. This is the great joy experienced by all the Saints. To imitate Christ, with the Church. To imitate the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God!

One of the most effective ways to bring souls back into the Church, is by prayer. Pray the Holy Rosary for all souls, and pray to the Saints, your patron Saint. Meditate upon the passion of Our Lord, and assist at Mass fervently.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Moving dates

Finally, I have temporary but decent banner up!

A Happy All Souls Day to you.

In Canada, Newfoundland, Quebec, Nova Scotia, etc... unfortunately, the feast was moved to the Sunday following. Because, the Bishops think that most of us are too ignorant to realise it's a solemnity and that we will not attend Mass. Well, actually, if the Priest would actually let us know from the pulpit, I do believe that we wouldn't be ignorant, but anyhow, that's besides the point. Unfortunately for me, no TLM was offered today, so we shall celebrate All Souls NEXT Sunday.

If you're fortunate to attend a High Mass today, yesterday, or next Sunday, please fervently pray for the holy souls in Purgatory, which I pray often for.

It seems as if it is being spread that the SSPX is considering rejecting the preamble. A document WAS on the SSPX's UK site, but then quickly pulled. People posted on Fisheaters Forum AND Catholic Answers Forum about it, but they also removed half their posts. So, that causes confusion, naturally.

Read and opine!

I am not posting the contents on these hallowed pages. It won't fit well with the wallpaper.

Though, it's quite excellent that a 16 year old is so interested in Latin.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

A thought

I am very happy about the recent change in succession laws to the Throne, and am pleased that all of our PM's could agree! Catholics can noe be married to a sovereign!

In other news, in Ireland, Dana Scallon's campaign is really hitting off! She has faith, hope, and love. Just what Ireland needs!

Friday, 28 October 2011

A story to touch the Heart

A vigil participant was noticing that nearly all the cars in the abortion center parking lot were parked in the staff area — very few were in the area reserved for those with appointments. And that was good.
The volunteer was soon deep in prayer when the abortionist drove up — with his wife and their teenager. He got out of the car and headed toward the building while the wife and teen drove away.
The abortionist’s wife pulled up next to the vigil participant, rolled down her window and asked, “How are you doing?” The surprised volunteer answered, “Good! How about you?”
She responded, “I just wanted to tell you that I so appreciate what you do and how you are always so nice and respectful.” That simple response turned out to be the opening line in a very lengthy conversation.
The wife expressed her gratitude for the way the 40 Days for Life vigil is conducted. In another city, there is a group outside the abortion center that yells at her husband.
Here, however, he’s been told that the vigil participants are praying for him. “He just can’t understand how you can be so against what he does and yet so nice to him.”
She explained that her husband grew up in a home that had no use for religion — the concept is totally foreign to him. The volunteer promised to pray that he would be able to grasp — and eventually embrace — faith. The teen blurted out, “Please do!”
Read the whole thing here!

How touching. You see, prayer can move the heaviest mountain.

St Scholastica


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yeah, so my banner is gone.

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Please help a Servant of God

You must have heard about Fr Byers from Holy Souls Hermitage. He is a Priest who prays for othe Priests. A Priest's Priest. I encourage you to head on over to his web page, email him a letter of support, offer a few prayers for him, and send him some donations. This is a great thing that he's doing, and I pray that you will support him.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Same-sex "marriage" may force churches to stop performing legal marriages

The legalization of same-sex “marriage” in Australia could push Christian churches out of their historic role in solemnizing legal marriages altogether, according to one archbishop.
Archbishop Barry Hickey of the archdiocese of Perth said late last month that the archdiocese would cancel its registration that allows it to celebrate legal marriages if the government attempted to force them to participate in same-sex ceremonies.

“We might be back to the ghetto,” Hickey told parishioners at St. Ninian and St. Chad in Maylands. “We can’t do those marriages at all. And if the law forces us to, we cancel our registration as marriage celebrants. We just don’t do it.”
Hickey added, “We continue to perform Church marriages but we can’t perform the marriage where there is a basic objection.”
I applaud his decision!  There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason a homosexual marriage can be performed in a Catholic Church. And, if it we legal I have no doubt in my mind that a poor Priest would be pressured to witness one.

Read more here.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Was my birthday....

'Twas my birthday the other day, I had family and friends over for tea and cake.
I prayed a lot too, thankful for my birthday. What is more important though, is tham millions of unborn babies are dying because of abortion.

Pray for Life!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Do you know what bugs me?

When I hear someone complaining about what their MP or a certain politician has done, when they didn't even VOTE in the election.

You never voted, you never cast your opinion, you never participated in the democratic process as laid out in the Westminster system under Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Therefore, thou hast no right to complain.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pope Benedict XVI has declared a “Year of Faith” which will begin in October 2012, the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.
“It will be a moment of grace and commitment to a more complete conversion to God, to strengthen our faith in Him and proclaim Him with joy to the people of our time,” said the Pope, making his announcement during Sunday Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica.
The Year of Faith will run from October 11, 2012, until November 24, 2013, which is the Solemnity of Christ the King.
The Pope said in his Oct. 16 remarks that it will give “new impetus to the mission of the whole Church to lead men out of the desert in which they often find themselves, to the place of life, of friendship with Christ.” He also said that “reasons, purposes and guidelines” for the year will be set out in an Apostolic Letter to be published “in the coming days.”
More here

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It's the Lord's Day


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Here's something to make your mind bleed

Now they're showing porn to youngsters.
MY goodness, what is this!
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, October 6, 2011 ( – Videos showing naked men graphically sodomizing one another - included as “resource material” in an “anti-bullying” initiative for Vancouver’s schools - are “really inappropriate,” says a trustee.
Trustee Ken Denike’s criticism of the Out in Schools program (OIS) comes after parents complained that Burnaby schools were duped into supporting it as an “anti-bullying” initiative when in fact the program is nothing other than a “scam” by “sex activists” to “sexualize students” and “lure” them into “homosexualist culture.”
“I thought it was really inappropriate, especially for a 13-year-old,” Denike told QMI Agency, referring to material from the Health Initiative for Men (HIM) website that was listed as a “youth resource” in the Out In Schools booklet.
“This is material that’s on Xtube, which is really adult material.”

Full story at that link.

On the page, there is a link to the "material", I will not click it, I don't advise you to either.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Of things past

I miss the times when the BBC had those wonderful theme songs, now they just used stupid computer-generated crap.

Does anyone get that nostalgic feelings when you watch old RTE programmes too?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Some new mass settings

I just found a site with an excellent setting of the Mass, called Alium Music. Simply beautiful!

Friday, 30 September 2011

Celebrate in Song, a look-again

A comment on my post about the Celebrate in Song from the CCB, from joflynn says....
          With all do respect, Fr Angeles has a VERY small parish in Manitoba, organist, guitarist and 6 voices and they were able to learn it; modifications can be made, be a little more open minded. Remember, in order for the church to have a future, the youth have to become interested and I believe this will work to draw more people to mass!
I didn't know the Fr Angeles had a small Parish, and I appreciated this comment, as when I re-read the post I realised I sounded like a snotty little brat. No seriously! Although I dislike the new settings of the Mass which are published in CiS, I do think I was too harsh and snotty. I think they are mostly unsuitable for the Mass, but as I have now learnt from my own diocese, Parishes have no other choice but to use Celebrate in Song, well in my diocese anyways.

Truth is, I was expecting something different and more "sway around the fire-like" from the CCCB. Instead, we received one with electric guitars, which is most CERTAINLY not suitably for the Holy Sacrifice. And, we got two good ones.

The one by Michael Guimont, admittedly is my favourite, but re-listening, next in line is the one by Fr Angeles. I do not dislike the setting by Fr Angeles, it's just I fail to see how a parish with an organ and not a piano would be able to play it?

The Mass is the unbloody re-enactment of Calvary, and I think, as do most, that electric guitars, drums and synthesizers are unacceptable.

WHY can't we just use the ICEL chants? They're easy to sing in a parish setting, and they are Mass - appropriate!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Abolish heterosexism!

Next I am changing my header. But, don't you think the blog is more readable now? I am completely Amish when it comes to computers, so please forgive any spits and scats it will make the next few days.

Ah, well on a more sad note, I have this depressing and quite sickening news from Ontario.... has obtained a copy of a letter signed by Chris D’Souza, director of Harmony Movement, which was apparently sent to all of Ontario’s Catholic school trustees at the beginning of September. The letter promotes Harmony Movement’s brand of “diversity education” that aims to equip students and teachers in the “fight” against “heterosexism.”
The Harmony Movement program, he said, is a tool for promoting “equity and inclusive education,” “student leadership,” and “youth empowerment.”
“Your support in passing on this program information to your schools, principals, and other interested parties would be greatly appreciated,” wrote D’Souza in the letter.
D’Souza shocked Catholics and pro-family activists earlier this year when he openly proclaimed his support for same-sex “marriage” as an invited speaker for a consultation meeting with parents of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), on the topic of the board’s Equity & Inclusive Education policy.
At the meeting, D’Souza told parents and ratepayers that if one of his children turned out to be “gay,” he would “proudly walk them down the aisle and put their hand in the hand of whoever they fall in love with.”
It was also at this meeting that he interpreted gay ‘marriage’ as a “law” enforced by the human rights commission to protect sexual orientation against discrimination, saying that those who objected to this should “move to another country.”
Rest of the article is here on LifeSite
How ridiculous. This is pure stupidity!

A new look

How do you like the new look?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Abortion debate REOPENED!

Laddies and lassies! The House of Commons has decided to reopen the abortion debate!
 This, from the CBC....

The Conservative government has been apathetic about abortion and should be more moderate, Conservative MP Brad Trost {Remember him? He was the one who spearheaded the movement to defund PP} says.
On Wednesday, he said the government's decision to provide funding to the International Planned Parenthood Federation for sex education and contraception programs has reopened the abortion debate. The Saskatchewan MP is opposed to abortion and opposes funding for Planned Parenthood because the group provides abortions where the service is legal.
Speaking to CBC's Evan Solomon, host of Power & Politics, Trost said the government should "take a position that's at least moderate, rather than the extreme left position that we're taking."
"I don't think the government takes an actively left-wing position, but the government has taken an apathetic position toward it, and I don't feel that's appropriate. I feel that it's a civil rights issue that needs to be addressed," Trost said.
......{skipped a bit}

"Prime Minister Harper is always very fair. While he probably won't be exactly thrilled with what I'm saying, they do understand there's differences of opinion in the caucus on this issue," he said. {The Conservative Party, in itself, is pro-family and pro-life. It's leader and certain MP's though, get the point}

NDP International Co-operation critic Hélène Laverdière said there isn't a huge debate in Canada over abortion, but the debate seems to be raging inside the Conservative Party.
"The Tories have to tell us if they're ready to respect ... a woman's right to choose," she said. {A womans right to choose to kill a human being?}
"In Canada right now, women have the right to choose and we still don't understand why we would say that women in less developed countries wouldn't have the same right to choose as Canadian women," Laverdière added. {The NDP is official opposition. They are staunchly socialist, and staunchly pro-choice. They're the equivalent to the Labour Party}
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has consistently said he doesn't want to re-open the debate over abortion in Canada. {Well TOO BAD about it. He's going to have to listen and debate and he can fuss all he wants}
The issue arose last year when Harper announced maternal and child health would be a focus of the Canadian-hosted G8 meeting in Muskoka, and again last April when Trost said Planned Parenthood had been "de-funded" as a result of petitions by anti-abortion groups.
Last week, CBC News reported the Conservative government would give Planned Parenthood $6 million for sex education and contraception projects in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Sudan and Tanzania.
The group's funding ran out in 2009, and the Canadian International Development Agency didn't respond to its 2009 or 2010 requests for financial support.

In a statement posted on his website Wednesday afternoon, Trost says Canada's anti-abortion movement must be more aggressive.
"Many, many Conservative MPs pressed the [prime minister's office] to stop the funds from flowing," Trost wrote on his website. "Federal funding did stop for a time. Funds allocated to IPPF were considerably reduced. Furthermore, federal grants for IPPF also had more strings attached. {The Conservative Party has more pro-life MP's than any other party in the House of Commons.}
"This only happened because of the pressure applied. This was a real victory.
"Pro-life politicians have been taught a lesson. The government only responds to pro-life issues and concerns when we take an aggressive stance. We will apply this lesson."
MPs started asking quietly in 2006 for the funding to be pulled, Trost writes, but they were ignored because they asked politely behind closed doors. Trost says the campaign went public in 2009 and that's when they saw results.
In April, International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda said Planned Parenthood was eligible for funding as long as they fit the criteria her agency had set out. The government said the money allotted for maternal and child health projects was not to be used for abortion funding.
Full story here...
It's about bloody time! This legal slaughter has been going on for too long, one day is too long. But all these years?

Canada traditionally has been a conservative country, focussed on the family. Well, ever since the 60's and 70's, even the conservatives (small-c) have liberalised.

PRAY! St Joseph is Canada's Patron Saint.

Monday, 26 September 2011

On Sinead O'Connor

So, Sinead O'Connor wants the Pope to be shot should he go to the lovely land of Ireland?

Excuse, but despite what's going on does she realise she's living in a Catholic country?

Need I also mention she thinks that she is "ordained" in the Irish Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church, which is an utterly heretical group, but which does not advocate murder?

She calls herself a pacifist, so why would she want ANYONE shot, regardless of who they are?

She has also stated that she believes everyone goes to Heaven, which we know is false, but if she believes this then why does she call the Pope and the Cardinals and Bishops and the Hierarchy in the Vatican a "nest of devils"?

She just contradicted herself.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Thanks to Fr Z

And his interesting observation!

His Holiness wore a stole with the Papal Tiara atop his coat of arms into the Lutheran cathedral in Germany. Luther despised the authority of Peter.

He also wore a stole belonging to Pope Leo XIII, who condemned and proclaimed that Anglican orders were null and absolutely invalid, when he visited Westminster Abbey.

I love the Holy Father's silent way of telling them they're wrong and that we are right!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

So much for Conservative

Here we see a fine example of how Harper has abandoned his own party. He, is a member of the Conservative party, whose actual platform is pro-family, and truly conservative (High Tory). Well, Harper is not pro-family, nor are the better half of the party's Members of Parliament. Today I have this little jewel for you. - After a leaked report Thursday morning indicated that Canada was about to refund the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Canadian government has confirmed that they awarded a grant late Thursday to the abortion organization, the world’s largest abortion provider.

Late yesterday, International Planned Parenthood Federation was informed that its application for funding has been approved under the Maternal, Newborns and Child Health commitment,”[imagine, under the Maternal, Newborns and Child Health commitment. Isn't this was IPPG is against?] Justin Broekema, press secretary for the Minister of International Cooperation Bev Oda, told LifeSiteNews Friday.

The statement confirms a CBC report from Thursday morning, which revealed that IPPF will receive $6 million over the next three years towards work related to sex education and contraception in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Sudan, and Tanzania. [what a malicious intent!]
IPPF had not received funding from Canada since the end of 2009 after a petition campaign by Saskatchewan MP Brad Trost.

Trost told LifeSiteNews Friday that he stands by his previous statements on the issue and will be releasing a more detailed statement sometime next week.  “My views, my position, my stance has not wavered one inch,” he said.
During the election season in April, Trost publicly announced that Planned Parenthood was “defunded,” and said it was an “absolute disgrace” that Planned Parenthood would get even “one penny of Canadian taxpayers dollars.” [how very true!]
International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda responded by saying that IPPF would receive funding if the application met their criteria under the government’s G8 maternal and child health initiative.  

“If Planned Parenthood submits an application that falls within the government’s parameters for the G8 Muskoka Initiative, there will be funding,” she said in a statement.

The Pope in Germany

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The importance of Priests

It is a Priests duty, and it should be his honour to preach the gospel of Christ, unto all people. It is a Priests privilege, duty, and honour to transform  ordinary bread and wine into the very Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our dear Saviour. It is a Priests duty to let the teachings of God's only church known unto the world. Every Priest knows this, for it's what is taught in seminaries. Not only is this a privilege, honour and duty, but a great JOY!

It is not a Priests job to intentionally misinterpret a passage in the Sacred Scriptures, so to not offend his Parishioners, and if his parishioners are angry at him for saying homosexual acts gravely sinful, well then I think the parish better get a new catechesis director, or go join the United Church of Canada's praise group down the road.

Priests have to put up with a lot. Most every day, some anti-Catholic [tries to] reigns terror over the holy Agents of God. For an orthodox, good Priest to go to a new, liberal parish and try to explain and preach the Truths revealed to us by God without Miss Bra-burner at the back pew giving him a hypothetical slap across the face for saying abortion is a sin and can result in excommunication. It is a grace for the Priest to correct this.

My point is, PRAY FOR PRIESTS! Our Blessed Mother rejoices when one of her children decides to enter the Holy Priesthood. Her Immaculate Heart triumphs over the evils of Satan, as another fine lad leaves the world. Mary, Mother of the Church weeps when one of her Priests leaves the Church teaching at the parish footstep, and preaches the "there is no truth" sermon a lot of us have to bear through every Sunday.

Pray to Our Lady, and pray a alot.

Pray to your patron Saint, and pray to St John Vianney patron of Priests, as he also weeps to hear one of his spiritual children preach a straw homily.

Pray, for God's Priests!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A thought for today!

We have often heard the term "what they don't know, won't hurt them". I hate it! It's not true. Doing something behind someones back, is will hurt them. First of all, it hurts you, because more than likely, what you've done is sinful, and you have offended God most High. Second of all it's gossip, so there's another sin to add to your list. Thirdly, the person of which you've went behind will eventually find out.

Just a though for today....

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How to make a mistake...

I don't understand how some "Christians" can misinterpret passages in the Sacred Scriptures, so twisted just to suit their own beliefs. How could you misinterpret the civil law against stealing, to just mean stealing candy?

Monday, 19 September 2011

Feast of Our Lady of LaSalette

Dana Scallon for Ireland

Big news! Dana Scallon, the singer, is returning to politics to run for the President of St Patrick's dear land. I have this for you, from RTE:

Dana Rosemary Scallon has announced her intention to seek a nomination for the Presidential election.
Speaking in Dublin she said she was asking the members of the Oireachtas to run as an independent candidate.
She would not divulge who was backing her but said she had some backers.
Speaking on RTÉ's Six One News, the former MEP said it would be very, very important to get the support of Fianna Fáil TDs and Senators in order for her to secure a nomination for the Presidency.
She said she has the support of more than one independent Oireachtas member at this stage, but did not reveal how many supporters she had.
She said she has until 28 September to get the support and that while it was always difficult for an independent, the Oireachtas should open up the process for the Presidential election.
Dana is a good Catholic, more than willing to defend her faith. Bring back more Catholicity.

Read more here:

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Common courtesy!

As you may know, I am on CAF (Catholic Answers Forum). It's a great place, the moderators are excellent. It's a nice place to have discussions and debates, or just a little fun here and there.

Though, since we have the "great advantage" of annonymity, that "great advantage" is often misused and abused. You can sign up, pick your username, and then post. Ah, every now and again, you get that one person who likes to go about parading as if they were the perfect sinless human!

I often see, so-called Catholics being rude to other members because they have done such-and-such a thing (innocently), and didn't know it was wrong or a sin, and then they're spit and screamed at for not knowing what they did was wrong.
Also, how much criticism of the Church do I see on it, by non-Catholic members. Usually, member as such as that get banned, and good for that. But, sometimes, repeat offenders go unnoticed.

My main point, is that if you wouldn't say something to someones face, DO NOT SAY IT ONLINE.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Sorrows

Today is the feast of the Seven Sorrows of Mary.  The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, grants seven Graces to those who recite seven Hail Mary's, while meditation on her most precious tears and dolours.

Here is what she revealed to St Bridget of Sweden
  1. I will grant peace to their families.
  2. They will be enlightened about the divine mysteries.
  3. I will console them in their pains and I will accompany them in their work.
  4. I will give them as much as they ask for as long as it does not oppose the adorable will of my divine Son or the sanctification of their souls.
  5. I will defend them in their spiritual battles with the infernal enemy and I will protect them at every instant of their lives.
  6. I will visibly help them at the moment of their death, they will see the face of their Mother.
  7. I have obtained from my divine Son, that those who propagate this devotion to my tears and dolours, will be taken directly from this earthly life to eternal happiness since all their sins will be forgiven and my Son and I will be their eternal consolation and joy.
Here is a website, that shall help you meditate on the Sorrows

The future of Sacred Music

You all know how much I, and most others hate the contemporary "praise songs" and "hymns" which composers think is suitable for the Holy Mass. Like Carey Landry, Haas, Haugen, etc... well, hopefully with the new translation, that shall disappear. No, it won't. Haugen has composed the Storrington Mass, which is an utter musical and liturgical disaster which I wouldn't want to even hear in an evangelical United Church evening service. Well, it seems that there ARE good contemporary composers of sacred music. Why wouldn't there be? Well, I would like to spread notice of the opening of the Blessed John Henry Newman Institute of Liturgical Music, at none other than the Birmingham Oratory. I firmly believe, we shall see nothing but good, sacred, beautiful music, which is extremely appropriate for the Mass, surface.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pyjama Mass

If you're going out to a fancy dinner, or to a fancy party, you wouldn't normally go ABC (anything but clothes). A nice evening suit for the gentlemen and the lads, and a nice pretty dress for the ladies and lasses. Right? You wouldn't go in just your bare essentials, or your pyjamas. You wouldn't go to the supermarket in those either. So why would you go to Mass in them!

I am so sad at the state of attire that people come to Mass in. I have seen young ladies and lads wearing pyjama-pants and a t-shirt. Then, going up to receive Our Lord, they text the whole way up, and then they just take Him in one hand and throw him in their mouth, and continue to text. I honestly can't figure out how fast they can move their fingers.

In the summer months especially, I have seen young ladies, wearing the most awful short-shorts and those tops without sleeves, and just strings. I have seen young men wearing  straggly-looking tore jeans, which are half-way down their legs, with a sleeveless t-shirt.

Who do I blame? Their parents. In most cases, children come to Mass with their parents, (because if they go on their own, in most cases they are dressed properly and know why they're there.). If parents let their children come before God himself veiled in that glorious host, what does that say about that family's understanding of the Holy Eucharist. What does that say for the family's catechesis? A lot. It says they have none.

Parents ARE in charge of what their children wear, they are the ones who buy them. Even if children buy their own clothes, a Mother of Father should be with them to make sure the clothes they choose are proper and modest. That they cover up the body, and aren't too flashy.

But, we must remember the Mass is the Mass. It's not a social interaction time, or time to dance. Nor is it a party. It's the greatest form of prayer upon Earth. It's when we receive the most glorious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our dear a blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ. It's a solemn (or should be) occasion (could it be called that.) It's the unbloody re-enactment of Calvary! Why wouldn't we dress in our best for that! If you were to meed God face-to-face, would you wear pyjamas? No, so why would you when you meet him in the Eucharist, which is his very flesh and body.

The Highest Priest after Christ

Friday, 9 September 2011

Swimming the royal Tibre!

My favourite, non-Catholic, but Catholic protestant, ecclesial community in Canada, is coming into full communion with the one and only true Church!
Here is a message from the bishop of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada!

The College of Bishops of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada [ACCC] has submitted a short petition to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [CDF], requesting that we proceed to the next step in setting up an Ordinariate in Canada.
As we stated in an accompanying message to our clergy, "Several compelling reasons have encouraged us to do so, even before Synod: "the Primate's tour across Canada enabled him to meet with some 4 to 5 times as many people as we might anticipate would be in attendance at Synod; and, his presentations have essentially accomplished that which we promised three years ago - that any response from Rome would be presented to the national churches of the Traditional Anglican Communion [TAC];

Hurrah! Please say a big, and long prayer for our soon-to-be brethren! 
Here's the full thing, with a picture of their petition to the CDF!

Pray for Us, St Brother Andre!
Pray for Us, Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nativity of Mary

AVE MARIA! Today is the feast of the Nativity of the most Blessed Mother of God, the Mother of Salvation, Mother of the Church, the Queen of Heaven, Queen of the World. The Nativity of the spouse of the Holy Ghost. SALVE REGINA!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Great news!

The Visit of Pope Benedict XVI evoked for many people the spiritual reality of life and rekindled hope and faith: hope in the goodness that is within people and in our society, and faith in God. Even if it is not easily articulated, a spiritual yearning is to be found within most people. This yearning is found also among Catholics who have lost touch with their faith or whose faith was never deeply rooted in a personal relationship with Christ. Wishing to respond to this yearning but perhaps lacking in confidence in talking about their own spiritual life, many Catholics are asking how they can witness to their faith; what can they do to help introduce their faith in Christ to others in simple and straightforward ways?
The Bishops of England and Wales recognise that simple acts of witness, accompanied by sincere prayer, can be a powerful call to faith. Traditional Catholic devotions such as making the sign of the cross with care and reverence, praying the Angelus, saying a prayer before and after our meals, to name only a few, are straightforward actions which both dedicate certain moments in our daily lives to Almighty God and demonstrate our love and trust in His goodness and providence. If these devotions have been lost or even forgotten, particularly in our homes and schools, we have much to gain from learning and living them again.
The Bishops have looked again at the role of devotions and the practice of penance, both of which can help to weave the Catholic faith into the fabric of everyday life. Our regular worship at Holy Mass on Sunday, the day of the Lord’s resurrection, is the most powerful outward sign and witness of our faith in Jesus Christ to our family, friends and neighbours. Sunday must always remain at the heart of our lives as Catholics.
The Bishops also wish to remind us that every Friday is set aside as a special day of penitence, as it is the day of the suffering and death of the Lord. They believe it is important that all the faithful again be united in a common, identifiable act of Friday penance because they recognise that the virtue of penitence is best acquired as part of a common resolve and common witness.
The law of the Church requires Catholics on Fridays to abstain from meat, or some other form of food, or to observe some other form of penance laid down by the Bishops’ Conference. The Bishops have decided to re-establish the practice that this penance should be fulfilled simply by abstaining from meat and by uniting this to prayer. Those who cannot or choose not to eat meat as part of their normal diet should abstain from some other food of which they regularly partake.
This decision will come into effect from Friday 16 September 2011.

Emphasis mine, but this is wonderful news!

All read here :

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Whenever you're in the mood...

High and Might Tones

I hate news articles, where the author is writing in a way, where they express their "logical" tone, you know, that strand of moral relativism? The "ain't I just so right?" sanctimonius discipline which has snuck into the piece. Well, here's an article just as such

I was at first surprised at the controversy and also by the use of the word “new” since to someone of my generation it seemed mostly a return to the old, pre-Vatican II form, which, though archaic, had a certain poetry. For instance, I welcome the return of the reply to the priest’s greeting “The Lord be with you .” {Clap clap clap clap!]
The reply “And with your spirit” has much more resonance than the post-Vatican II “And also with you.” – which sounds more like something you would say to a friend in the street. But there are plenty of other places where a return to the older phrasing is literally a step backward.
In the Creed, for instance, is “consubstantial with the Father” any better than “one in being”? It’s just less understandable. And “incarnate of the Virgin Mary”. Why not “born of”? It means exactly the same and means more to most people. Similarly, in the Sanctus, the phrase “Lord God of hosts” became “God of power and might” – a loose translation of the Hebrew “sabaoth” maybe,

Here's the full thing 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

+Requiscat in Pace+

Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic, the Archbishop of Toronto, has died. Please say a prayer for the repose of his soul.Toronto Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic speaks at the Mass formally welcoming  Thomas Colins as the 10th Archbishop of Toronto in January 2007. Cardinal Ambrozic died Friday after a long illness.

Monday, 29 August 2011

A little bit here, a wee bit there....

Deo Gratias! That horrid statue of the Blessed Pope John Paul II is to be "modified"....ah, but how so?

"Its author, Italian sculptor and Pontifical Culture Commission member Oliviero Rainaldi, said he is willing to make small alterations to the statue's head and neck, amid reports that a city commission wants a makeover. Rising in the middle of a flowerbed outside the Termini station, the five-metre bronze monument, which has now oxidized into a green hue, was unveiled on May 18, on what would have been the late pope's 91st birthday. It is an abstract rendering of a disembodied Pope with a minimalist cloak billowing out, symbolizing the beloved late pope's all-embracing nature." (

Small alterations to the head and neck....why not just get a new one? The one there is really an insult to His Holiness, it's quite ghastly and kitschy. It's symbolism (or lack thereof) will not be caught by the common man, actually the symbolism wouldn't have been caught by anyone, lest the author had explained it. It's quite sad, you know.

This may be of some use:

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Clap your hands

Those who think the Spirit of Vatican II warrants heresy and dissent....are wrong.

I shan't disgrace my pages with this, so here's a link...

Thursday, 25 August 2011

September 14th

On September 14th, Bishop Fellay of the SSPX shall meet with Cardinal William Levada, of course, talks shall ensue. Could this be the moment we've been waiting for? Is the SSPX coming home? Personally, I hope for some sort of positive outcome. Hopefully, I pray, and ordinariate. Though, maybe not, though either way a closer step to full, unscratched communion. The SSPX is not outside the Church, they are Catholic, but still, they are semi-schismatic.

Say a prayer to (who other than) St Pius X!
Picture from

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Monday, 22 August 2011

Jack Layton

Well, Jack Layton has died, He had a long battle with cancer, I absolutely hated his politics. But, I didn't hate him. His batte with cancer was great, but now, it's over. Pray for him.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I'm sorry for my lack of posts (I feel like I've said this a lot), but could you please say a prayer for my cousin? She's died.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Oh dear London!

Please say a prayer for London. The riot is ruining everything, they've burnt down everything too.
Despite reassurances from British Prime Minister David Cameron that order would be restored, rampaging youths struck in at least two new cities on the fourth night since rioting erupted in London.
Police in the central city of Nottingham said that a group of between 30 and 40 men firebombed a police station in the city centre Tuesday night. There were no reports of injuries, and several male suspects were attested at the scene.
Seven people were arrested in the northwestern city of Manchester after hundreds of youths ran amok, setting fire to a clothing store downtown and a library in nearby Salford.
About 200 rioters also clashed with police in Liverpool on Tuesday night, The Guardian newspaper reported.
In London, police pledged earlier Tuesday to inundate the city's streets with 16,000 officers in a bid to head off a fourth consecutive night of rioting, which has claimed at least one life.
"We have lots of information to suggest that there may be similar disturbances tonight," Cmdr. Simon Foy told the BBC. "That's exactly the reason why the Met (police force) has chosen to now actually really 'up the game' and put a significant number of officers on the streets."
While British police generally avoid tear gas, water cannons or other strong-arm riot measures, police in London said Tuesday that plastic bullets could be used to stop looting if it persists.
Authorities have been scrambling to gain control over the situation. At least 685 people had been arrested and 111 charged as of Tuesday night, Scotland Yard said.
The sudden violence prompted British Prime Minister David Cameron to cut short his family vacation and return to London, so that he could deal with what he described as "sickening" riots.
After holding an emergency meeting Tuesday, Cameron refrained from calling in the military, but said the British public should be assured that the government will not allow the destructive rioting to continue.
"People should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain's streets and to make them safe for the law-abiding," Cameron told reporters.
Instead, Cameron will boost the police presence in London and recall lawmakers from their summer recess so they can discuss the crisis later this week. The prime minister promised that the perpetrators will "feel the full force of the law" and will be prosecuted accordingly.
News of the first riot-related death emerged Tuesday when the BBC reported that a 26-year-old Croydon man died hours after he was found in his car suffering from gunshot wounds. A murder inquiry is now underway into the victim's death.
Since the weekend, the riots have spread to other British cities, including Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol.
Five arrests were made in Birmingham and a small group of people torched two cars in the centre of a nearby town.
But it is in London where residents have seen cars and buildings burned, shops looted and young hoodlums running amok with impunity for three straight nights.
Police said 111 officers, five police dogs and 14 citizens were hurt over the three days, including a man in his 60s with life-threatening injuries.
In Croydon, Graham Reeves saw his family's 140-year-old department store gutted by a fire started during the riots.
"No one's stolen anything. They just burned it down," he said. "It's pointless."
Simon Dance, 27, said he and his wife were frightened enough by what they saw in their north London neighbourhood of Camden to prepare for the possibility that they might have to leave their home.
"We locked all the doors, and my wife even packed a bag to flee. We had Twitter rolling until midnight just to keep up with the news. We were too afraid to even look out the window," Dance told The Associated Press.
CTV's London Bureau Chief Tom Kennedy said the British public has been shocked by the violence that the rioters have unleashed on the streets.
"The dilemma that this country is having is explaining how on Earth are there so many disaffected youths who feel comfortable with going out into the streets and committing these dreadful acts of violence -- thievery, looting and burning people out of their homes, which was also happening," Kennedy told CTV's Canada AM from London on Tuesday.
"So I think there's a real bewilderment in this country now, how on Earth it came to this."
Andrew Silke, the head of criminology at the University of East London, said the public is also angry about the inability of police to quickly bring the riots to an end.
"The public wanted to see tough action. They wanted to see it sooner and there is a degree of frustration," Silke told The Associated Press in an interview.
The rioters do not appear to have a single unifying cause that has drawn them to the streets night after night. They began on Saturday with a protest over a police shooting, but have raged on without much explanation.
Some rioters have suggested they are acting out in protest of cuts to welfare and the public sector, while others say a distrust of the police is to blame.
"This is the uprising of the working class. We're redistributing the wealth," a 28-year-old man and self-described anarchist named Bryn Phillips told The Associated Press.
Others are convinced that the people involved with the riots are simply looking for an opportunity to break the law.
"It's just an excuse for the young ones to come and rob shops," said Brixton resident Marilyn Moseley.
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I especially agree with the last statement "It's just an excuse for you ones to come and rob shops". Indeed, this is one of few times they can get away with doing something illegal. This is just how flawed the educations are: socialism is ingrained into their heads.