Thursday, 22 September 2011

The importance of Priests

It is a Priests duty, and it should be his honour to preach the gospel of Christ, unto all people. It is a Priests privilege, duty, and honour to transform  ordinary bread and wine into the very Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our dear Saviour. It is a Priests duty to let the teachings of God's only church known unto the world. Every Priest knows this, for it's what is taught in seminaries. Not only is this a privilege, honour and duty, but a great JOY!

It is not a Priests job to intentionally misinterpret a passage in the Sacred Scriptures, so to not offend his Parishioners, and if his parishioners are angry at him for saying homosexual acts gravely sinful, well then I think the parish better get a new catechesis director, or go join the United Church of Canada's praise group down the road.

Priests have to put up with a lot. Most every day, some anti-Catholic [tries to] reigns terror over the holy Agents of God. For an orthodox, good Priest to go to a new, liberal parish and try to explain and preach the Truths revealed to us by God without Miss Bra-burner at the back pew giving him a hypothetical slap across the face for saying abortion is a sin and can result in excommunication. It is a grace for the Priest to correct this.

My point is, PRAY FOR PRIESTS! Our Blessed Mother rejoices when one of her children decides to enter the Holy Priesthood. Her Immaculate Heart triumphs over the evils of Satan, as another fine lad leaves the world. Mary, Mother of the Church weeps when one of her Priests leaves the Church teaching at the parish footstep, and preaches the "there is no truth" sermon a lot of us have to bear through every Sunday.

Pray to Our Lady, and pray a alot.

Pray to your patron Saint, and pray to St John Vianney patron of Priests, as he also weeps to hear one of his spiritual children preach a straw homily.

Pray, for God's Priests!

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