Wednesday, 31 August 2011

+Requiscat in Pace+

Aloysius Cardinal Ambrozic, the Archbishop of Toronto, has died. Please say a prayer for the repose of his soul.Toronto Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic speaks at the Mass formally welcoming  Thomas Colins as the 10th Archbishop of Toronto in January 2007. Cardinal Ambrozic died Friday after a long illness.

Monday, 29 August 2011

A little bit here, a wee bit there....

Deo Gratias! That horrid statue of the Blessed Pope John Paul II is to be "modified"....ah, but how so?

"Its author, Italian sculptor and Pontifical Culture Commission member Oliviero Rainaldi, said he is willing to make small alterations to the statue's head and neck, amid reports that a city commission wants a makeover. Rising in the middle of a flowerbed outside the Termini station, the five-metre bronze monument, which has now oxidized into a green hue, was unveiled on May 18, on what would have been the late pope's 91st birthday. It is an abstract rendering of a disembodied Pope with a minimalist cloak billowing out, symbolizing the beloved late pope's all-embracing nature." (

Small alterations to the head and neck....why not just get a new one? The one there is really an insult to His Holiness, it's quite ghastly and kitschy. It's symbolism (or lack thereof) will not be caught by the common man, actually the symbolism wouldn't have been caught by anyone, lest the author had explained it. It's quite sad, you know.

This may be of some use:

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Clap your hands

Those who think the Spirit of Vatican II warrants heresy and dissent....are wrong.

I shan't disgrace my pages with this, so here's a link...

Thursday, 25 August 2011

September 14th

On September 14th, Bishop Fellay of the SSPX shall meet with Cardinal William Levada, of course, talks shall ensue. Could this be the moment we've been waiting for? Is the SSPX coming home? Personally, I hope for some sort of positive outcome. Hopefully, I pray, and ordinariate. Though, maybe not, though either way a closer step to full, unscratched communion. The SSPX is not outside the Church, they are Catholic, but still, they are semi-schismatic.

Say a prayer to (who other than) St Pius X!
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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Monday, 22 August 2011

Jack Layton

Well, Jack Layton has died, He had a long battle with cancer, I absolutely hated his politics. But, I didn't hate him. His batte with cancer was great, but now, it's over. Pray for him.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I'm sorry for my lack of posts (I feel like I've said this a lot), but could you please say a prayer for my cousin? She's died.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Oh dear London!

Please say a prayer for London. The riot is ruining everything, they've burnt down everything too.
Despite reassurances from British Prime Minister David Cameron that order would be restored, rampaging youths struck in at least two new cities on the fourth night since rioting erupted in London.
Police in the central city of Nottingham said that a group of between 30 and 40 men firebombed a police station in the city centre Tuesday night. There were no reports of injuries, and several male suspects were attested at the scene.
Seven people were arrested in the northwestern city of Manchester after hundreds of youths ran amok, setting fire to a clothing store downtown and a library in nearby Salford.
About 200 rioters also clashed with police in Liverpool on Tuesday night, The Guardian newspaper reported.
In London, police pledged earlier Tuesday to inundate the city's streets with 16,000 officers in a bid to head off a fourth consecutive night of rioting, which has claimed at least one life.
"We have lots of information to suggest that there may be similar disturbances tonight," Cmdr. Simon Foy told the BBC. "That's exactly the reason why the Met (police force) has chosen to now actually really 'up the game' and put a significant number of officers on the streets."
While British police generally avoid tear gas, water cannons or other strong-arm riot measures, police in London said Tuesday that plastic bullets could be used to stop looting if it persists.
Authorities have been scrambling to gain control over the situation. At least 685 people had been arrested and 111 charged as of Tuesday night, Scotland Yard said.
The sudden violence prompted British Prime Minister David Cameron to cut short his family vacation and return to London, so that he could deal with what he described as "sickening" riots.
After holding an emergency meeting Tuesday, Cameron refrained from calling in the military, but said the British public should be assured that the government will not allow the destructive rioting to continue.
"People should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain's streets and to make them safe for the law-abiding," Cameron told reporters.
Instead, Cameron will boost the police presence in London and recall lawmakers from their summer recess so they can discuss the crisis later this week. The prime minister promised that the perpetrators will "feel the full force of the law" and will be prosecuted accordingly.
News of the first riot-related death emerged Tuesday when the BBC reported that a 26-year-old Croydon man died hours after he was found in his car suffering from gunshot wounds. A murder inquiry is now underway into the victim's death.
Since the weekend, the riots have spread to other British cities, including Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol.
Five arrests were made in Birmingham and a small group of people torched two cars in the centre of a nearby town.
But it is in London where residents have seen cars and buildings burned, shops looted and young hoodlums running amok with impunity for three straight nights.
Police said 111 officers, five police dogs and 14 citizens were hurt over the three days, including a man in his 60s with life-threatening injuries.
In Croydon, Graham Reeves saw his family's 140-year-old department store gutted by a fire started during the riots.
"No one's stolen anything. They just burned it down," he said. "It's pointless."
Simon Dance, 27, said he and his wife were frightened enough by what they saw in their north London neighbourhood of Camden to prepare for the possibility that they might have to leave their home.
"We locked all the doors, and my wife even packed a bag to flee. We had Twitter rolling until midnight just to keep up with the news. We were too afraid to even look out the window," Dance told The Associated Press.
CTV's London Bureau Chief Tom Kennedy said the British public has been shocked by the violence that the rioters have unleashed on the streets.
"The dilemma that this country is having is explaining how on Earth are there so many disaffected youths who feel comfortable with going out into the streets and committing these dreadful acts of violence -- thievery, looting and burning people out of their homes, which was also happening," Kennedy told CTV's Canada AM from London on Tuesday.
"So I think there's a real bewilderment in this country now, how on Earth it came to this."
Andrew Silke, the head of criminology at the University of East London, said the public is also angry about the inability of police to quickly bring the riots to an end.
"The public wanted to see tough action. They wanted to see it sooner and there is a degree of frustration," Silke told The Associated Press in an interview.
The rioters do not appear to have a single unifying cause that has drawn them to the streets night after night. They began on Saturday with a protest over a police shooting, but have raged on without much explanation.
Some rioters have suggested they are acting out in protest of cuts to welfare and the public sector, while others say a distrust of the police is to blame.
"This is the uprising of the working class. We're redistributing the wealth," a 28-year-old man and self-described anarchist named Bryn Phillips told The Associated Press.
Others are convinced that the people involved with the riots are simply looking for an opportunity to break the law.
"It's just an excuse for the young ones to come and rob shops," said Brixton resident Marilyn Moseley.
        Read more here.
I especially agree with the last statement "It's just an excuse for you ones to come and rob shops". Indeed, this is one of few times they can get away with doing something illegal. This is just how flawed the educations are: socialism is ingrained into their heads. 

Pray for Us, St John Cantius

For thou did God's will upon Earth, most holy and wonderful intercessor before His Throne. Hear our prayers, o St John Cantius, and present them before the Lord.

Christ have mercy on us.
Our Lady of Lourdes, Pray for Us.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Blogs I enjoy...

So, everone has a top 10 list of their favourite blogs! These are mine, though the number doesn't indicate my rank of likingness, they're just my favourites!
  • Cleansing Fire ( - these guys are the reason I started blog. I never knew (literally, I never) what a blog was before I came across Cleansing Fire! I have read them since their first post, which I found out about on YouTube. They just keep on getting beter and better, especially since they added new writers (the best blog ever [period.])
  • WDTPRS - ( ) an obvious choice, and everyone's favourite
  • The Ironic Catholic ( ) - Because it's hilarious and orthodox at once. Actually, I only just started to read this one. Though, it's very addicting.
  • The Crescat - ( There is no other blog like it, it's one of a kind and she's an excellent blogger, with good humour, not to mention a great artist.
  • Catholic Bibles ( )- I always want to know what's new in Biblical translations, and new editions of what translation which are coming out. His blog is the best to go to.
  • The Transalpine Redemptorist Blog - ( extremely loyal to the Holy Father, extremely traditional, extremely orthodox, extremely Catholic. They're an excellent order, and their blog always keeps me updated with what's going on with them! And, they're in Scotland!
  • Acts of the Apostasy ( - Self explanatory. 
  • Orthometer - ( the best blog ever (period)

Okay, that's not ten but they're the main blogs I read. Thank you for listening, have a nice day.

What is it, which draws us to Thee?

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Anyone have any prayer requests?

Does anyone have any prayer requests they would like me to pray for?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Devil is Powerless against Our Lord!

The drive to be inclusive is in many churches, where their Parish Priests and their "parish councils" like to manipulate and destroy the teachings of the Church and the rubrics of the Holy Mass. These people have a very Protestant mindset, though, they insist that they are paving the road for the "modern Church". There are ministries for open and active homosexuals, to encourage them in their sin, and there are ministries to play with the liturgy. There are so-called "youth ministries", and there are now just about ministries for everything, even the ministry to decide who sits where in what pew. But, really, all of these ministries have one thing in common: dissent. When have you seen, in the average "Spirit of VII" (SoVII) church, a youth ministry which teaches Gregorian chant, or a youth ministry which gathers every week to pray, or to Adore our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist? Maybe some do the latter, but how orthodox and reverent is it? Our Lord is profaned by the loud rock guitars and clashing tambourines. This music, is to please ourselves rather then God. Have you seen a church with some kind of homosexual-ministry? Rather than to encourage them to live a celibate, chaste and prayerful life, they are encouraged in sodomy and sin, and to live lustfully; denying both the Holy Church, and the Sacred Scriptures.

Do these people not realise that they are actually rejecting Vatican II? 

How "Catholic" is this? How many average "SoVII" churches have you been to, where the closest thing to a real hymn is "As we gather at your table" played on the saxophone? Where, defiance of the Holy Father and of the Church is preached from the pulpit, and is replaced by giving into the "wisdom of the world" as Fr.Z once said? And by relying on one's most likely ill-formed conscience rather than the truths revealed to us by Holy Mother Church? Divine Scripture is taken very much so out of context, and private interpretation is encouraged? Such are the fruits of the Devil trying to bring down the church of God. Though he is powerless, for Our Lady has crushed his head under Her Immaculate foot. The Saints and defeated his ways.

He has tried to prevail against the Church, unsuccessfully, by influencing our Priests and Bishops, Nuns, Sisters, Brothers and Monks! But yea, the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Mystical Body of Christ. The Devil is powerless.

For truth shall triumph, as the true spirit of Vatican II is being embraced. The importance of Gregorian chant, the reverence in the Divine Liturgy, the orthodoxy found in almost all new Priests. Just as VII intended. The Tridentine Mass is being spread almost by lightspeed! But, like when water washes upon rocks from the sea, some water remains in puddles, but eventually do they evaporate.

On the other end of this spectrum we have so-called "traditional Catholics", who reject the validity of all Popes since His Holiness Pope John XXIII, and elect their own anti-Popes. Are their number not dwindling? Aren't the true traditional Catholic societies growing? The FSSP, the ICRSS, Miles Christi, the Redemptorists, Opus Dei, Dominicans? Carmelites, Benedictines, Franciscans? Minims, Augustinians? I could go on and list every order in the Church but I haven't need. And without controversy, would it be also true to say the SSPX? Who are closer to union than ever?

"And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Our Lord sayeth in Matthew 16:18.

Pray, brethren, PRAY! Pray for the Successor of St Peter, the Vicar of Christ, Pope Benedict XVI!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Praying the Psalms

I have an unhealthy obsession with archaic language. Noticeth? My favourite translation of Psalm 22 (23) is in the Douay-Rheims. I absolutely love the rhythm, and that DR translation all together. Here it is.

The Lord ruleth me: and I shall want nothing. He hath set me in a place of pasture. He hath brought me up, on the water of refreshment: He hath converted my soul. He hath led me on the paths of justice, for his own name's sake. For though I should walk in the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evils, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they have comforted me. Thou hast prepared a table before me against them that afflict me. Thou hast anointed my head with oil; and my chalice which inebriateth me, how goodly is it!

Oh! How good that sounds, how prayerful it is! It lets one realise that when we pray we must pay attention. When we pray, it's no use to just say the words, whilst thinking about something different. We must say a prayer with intention. Whether it's a prayer from your heart, or a beautiful prayer in a prayerbook, what's the use of just saying words. One well-prayed Our Father, is better than a thousand said without cause.

Also, another of my favourite translation comes from the Coverdale Psalter.

The Lord is my shepherd : therefore can I lack nothing.
He shall feed me in a green pasture : and lead me forth beside the waters of comfort.
He shall convert my soul : and bring me forth in the paths of righteousness, for his Name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil : for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff comfort me.
Thou shalt prepare a table before me against them that trouble me : thou hast anointed my head with oil, and my cup shall be full.
But thy loving-kindness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life : and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

That is most suitable for singing.

And, of course, my absolute favourite is the original Latin.
 Dominus pascit me nihil mihi deerit in pascuis herbarum adclinavit me super aquas refectionis enutrivit me animam meam refecit duxit me per semitas iustitiae propter nomen suum sed et si ambulavero in valle mortis non timebo malum quoniam tu mecum es virga tua et baculus tuus ipsa consolabuntur me pones coram me mensam ex adverso hostium meorum inpinguasti oleo caput meum calix meus inebrians sed et benignitas et misericordia subsequetur me omnibus diebus vitae meae et habitabo in domo Domini in longitudine dierum.

There is nothing better than Latin. My foot is down :)

St Augustine

Pray for Us!