Sunday, 18 September 2011

Common courtesy!

As you may know, I am on CAF (Catholic Answers Forum). It's a great place, the moderators are excellent. It's a nice place to have discussions and debates, or just a little fun here and there.

Though, since we have the "great advantage" of annonymity, that "great advantage" is often misused and abused. You can sign up, pick your username, and then post. Ah, every now and again, you get that one person who likes to go about parading as if they were the perfect sinless human!

I often see, so-called Catholics being rude to other members because they have done such-and-such a thing (innocently), and didn't know it was wrong or a sin, and then they're spit and screamed at for not knowing what they did was wrong.
Also, how much criticism of the Church do I see on it, by non-Catholic members. Usually, member as such as that get banned, and good for that. But, sometimes, repeat offenders go unnoticed.

My main point, is that if you wouldn't say something to someones face, DO NOT SAY IT ONLINE.

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