Monday, 29 August 2011

A little bit here, a wee bit there....

Deo Gratias! That horrid statue of the Blessed Pope John Paul II is to be "modified"....ah, but how so?

"Its author, Italian sculptor and Pontifical Culture Commission member Oliviero Rainaldi, said he is willing to make small alterations to the statue's head and neck, amid reports that a city commission wants a makeover. Rising in the middle of a flowerbed outside the Termini station, the five-metre bronze monument, which has now oxidized into a green hue, was unveiled on May 18, on what would have been the late pope's 91st birthday. It is an abstract rendering of a disembodied Pope with a minimalist cloak billowing out, symbolizing the beloved late pope's all-embracing nature." (

Small alterations to the head and neck....why not just get a new one? The one there is really an insult to His Holiness, it's quite ghastly and kitschy. It's symbolism (or lack thereof) will not be caught by the common man, actually the symbolism wouldn't have been caught by anyone, lest the author had explained it. It's quite sad, you know.

This may be of some use:

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