Tuesday, 6 September 2011

High and Might Tones

I hate news articles, where the author is writing in a way, where they express their "logical" tone, you know, that strand of moral relativism? The "ain't I just so right?" sanctimonius discipline which has snuck into the piece. Well, here's an article just as such

I was at first surprised at the controversy and also by the use of the word “new” since to someone of my generation it seemed mostly a return to the old, pre-Vatican II form, which, though archaic, had a certain poetry. For instance, I welcome the return of the reply to the priest’s greeting “The Lord be with you .” {Clap clap clap clap!]
The reply “And with your spirit” has much more resonance than the post-Vatican II “And also with you.” – which sounds more like something you would say to a friend in the street. But there are plenty of other places where a return to the older phrasing is literally a step backward.
In the Creed, for instance, is “consubstantial with the Father” any better than “one in being”? It’s just less understandable. And “incarnate of the Virgin Mary”. Why not “born of”? It means exactly the same and means more to most people. Similarly, in the Sanctus, the phrase “Lord God of hosts” became “God of power and might” – a loose translation of the Hebrew “sabaoth” maybe,

Here's the full thing http://www.ucanews.com/2011/09/06/new-translation-muddies-linguistic-waters/ 

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