Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Anglicans! Welcome Home!

Our dear friends have come home to Christ's one Church! I can't believe how I managed to miss these pictures, these beautiful pictures of the reception of Anglicans back into the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, in Canada!

Please, please say a prayer for His Lordship Archbishop Prendergast, and most definitely say a prayer for these new souls who have come home to the Church!

At St Patrick's Basilica, they were received with a beautiful Anglican Use Mass, just look at this!

And so to not hog the attention, please go over the Deborah Gyapong's wonderful blog! And here on The Anglo-Catholic, for pictures from Victoria, BC!



Sunday, 22 April 2012

St George! St George! Pray for us! For this land!

St George our patron,
St George the protector!
Oh great, oh strong, St George!
Before the throne of God most high
hear our pleas and Pray for Us!

Happy Eve of St Georges Day everyone!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!

I am taking a moment here to express, as a loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth, who is Queen of the United Kingdom and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and all the other Commonwealth Realms, my best wishes and a "God Save the Queen" on her 86th birthday, which is today. And while not celebrated today, I still wish her a Happy Birthday!

Almost there.

I'm almost finished! This is harder than I thought. I did it once before, but now...with these stupid new blogger tools....ugh.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bear with me please!

Please bear with my foolishness as I sort the blog out once again. I noticed that you can't click most of the links, such as my blogroll, links in my posts. Why? My template died. Yes, it's soul has left. All is left is the physical appearance.
So, out with the old and in with the new! (evil grin). Please don't be mad though I doubt you will :)

7 Years to the Day

Our Holy Father Pope Benedict was elected as Successor of St Peter, as the Vicar of Christ! What a glorious occasion, and upon it, I would like to ask you to pray for our Holy Father, the Supreme Pontiff.

Holy Mary, Mother of the Church, Ora Pro Nobis!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Happy Birthday Holy Father!

God Bless our Holy Father! On His 85th Birthday, we all have to pray for the Vicar! Pope Benedict, the Supreme Pontiff! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Alter Christus

This is beautifully made, and produced at a time we need it most.

2/3 of the Anglican Catholic Bishops are coming home!

Joined by clergy and laity, two of the three active bishops of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC) will be received into the Catholic Church on Divine Mercy Sunday. Bishops Peter Wilkinson and Carl Reid will be received into the Church by Bishop Richard Gagnon of Victoria and Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa at separate Masses. Bishop Wilkinson is the head of the ACCC.
Their parishes--along with two Anglican parishes already received into the Church, and up to six other ACCC parishes--will become the Canadian Deanery of St. John the Baptist of the US Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, which Pope Benedict established on January 1.
“While the apostolic constitution[Anglicanorum Coetibus] left open the possibility of an ordinariate in Canada, this linking Anglicans in Canada to the United States Ordinariate as a deanery attached to it is a good step for now,” said Archbishop Pendergrast.
Founded in 1977, the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada is part of the Traditional Anglican Communion.
This is so exciting!
Catholic Culture has the full.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Forty Days for Choice

A local Planned Parenthood abortion business in California is copycatting the 40 Days for Life campaign, which recently resulted in saving the lives of more than 700 unborn children from abortion. The abortion business has set up its own 40 Days of Prayer for the local abortion center.

 “We trust you to decide about your sexuality, having your children, and planning your family,” says a flier promoting the Humbolt County Clergy for Choice event. “We are religious leaders who value all human life.  We accept that religions differ about when life begins. We are here to help.”
“We believe that human life is holy. That’s why we believe in your right to choose to be a parent or not,” the pro-abortion religious leaders continue. “It can be helpful to talk with friends you trust, with licensed counselors, and with whatever religious person you choose.  Humboldt County Clergy are available to talk with you about the spiritual aspects of choice.  Find out more by calling Six Rivers Planned Parenthood.”
“Humboldt County Clergy for Choice invite you to set aside time with your family and community to support women and reproductive justice for 40 days from March 18th through April 27th,” they say.

 The flyer promotes specific prayers for abortion for each day:
* “Day 1: Today we pray for women for whom pregnancy is not good news, that they know they have choices.”
* “Day 34: Today we give thanks for abortion escorts who guide women safely through hostile gauntlets of protestors.”
*”Day 36 Today we pray for the families we’ve chosen, May they know the blessing of choice.”
* “Day 38:  Today we pray for a cloud of gentleness to surround every abortion facility. May everyone feel calm and loving.”
* “Day 40: Today we give thanks and celebrate that abortion is still safe and legal.”
Some of the local “churches” participating in the pro-abortion prayer event include: Temple Beth El in Eureka, Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Bayside, St. Francis in Fortuna, Old Town Gazebo in Eureka, and Arcata United Methodist.
Read more here.
Yet when we pray for an end to murder, they tell us to "get our Rosaries off their ovaries"?

Look. Abortion is murder, murder is evil, murder is a sin. Abortion is evil because abortion is murder, abortion is a sin. A grave sin. One that upon any act of participation in it, you are EXCOMMUNICATED.

Let us look at the participant "churches". Two aren't event Christian, those being the Beth El temple and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. One can tell by their name. I've never heart of the Old Town Gazebo, and I can only imagine who they are. (I don't suppose it's this) St Francis in Fortuna could be anything, but they'd better change their name because it's an offence to St Francis. I don't know anything about United Methodists. I'll assume they're a brand of Wesleyan Methodists, and that I suppose, is quite a conservative guess.

This shows the true maliciousness of Planned Parenthood. It sickens me to think they have factories ALL over the world. And it should sicken anyone to even see the PP logo, though the people of today are so brainwashed into believing PP is a your run-of-the-mill "caring and compassionate, family-oriented, helpful" organization. The truth is that they're MAIN objective is to utterly destroy the family, ultimately by encouraging mothers to kill their children. Their sword is double edged. One side is for slaughtering children, and the other for slaughtering families. Two edges, one blade.

40 Days for Life is to defend life, to defend the unborn child from murder. It is to spread the TRUTH about abortion and the industry which surrounds it. That it's pure evil. Planned Parenthood, the largest owner of slaughter-houses in the world, that same company that claims to promote "tolerance", are wasting their time trying to counteract the efforts of the pro-life world. They're attempting to murder all the babies which we have saved from murder.

Their efforts will prove fruitless, and rotten. Their "40 Days for Choice" will remain fruitless and rotten, and it will be abandoned.

God does not answer the plea to murder what He has created.

Monday, 9 April 2012

More on the Canadian Ordinariates!

It is with GREAT joy I tell you that most parishes in the Anglican Church wishing to come home to Rome in Canada, will be doing so on or around April the 15th!

Deborah Gyapong, who owns and writes the blog "Canadian Friends of the Ordinariate", says the following.
Today we began our Eucharistic Fast in preparation for our reception into the Catholic Church on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 15, 2012 at St. Patrick's Basilica in an Anglican Use Mass and initiation celebrated by Ottawa Archbishop Terrence Prendergast.
So we had Solemn High Matins, the Liturgy of the Word and Spiritual Communion.
I can scarcely contain my joy as I write this.  What a difference ever since we made a collective decision across the country among parishes and groups in the pro-diocese of Our Lady of Walsingham of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, a temporary diocese to accommodate those of us who want to join an Ordinariate.  All the anguish of the past year is gone.
What great news! His Grace, Archbishop Prendergast is a big supporter and force to have an ordinariate for Anglo-Catholics in Canada, so that they TRULY can become Anglo-Catholics.

The Anglican Patrimony in Canada is almost the same as that of the CofE. Actually, another name for the Anglican Church of Canada is the Church of England in Canada, and even though most of the Anglo-Catholics in the ACofC have gone to the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, there are some Anglo-Catholics in the ACofC, and there definitely is a living High Church.

Hopefully they too will accept the invitation to come home, to the one true Church, and I pray they will come without delay.

Our Lady of Walsingham, Pray for us! Christ have mercy upon us! St George and St Joseph, Pray for Us!

Ave Regina Caelorum! Mater Misericordiae!

Ave Maris Stella! Salve Regina! Mater Dei! Mater Christi! Regina Angelorum!
".......Our Lord, Jesus Christ, conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin"

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Urbi et Orbi

                                          Pray for our Holy Father!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

In my typical fashion I am posting about something the day after it happened. Blessed Pope John Paul II's anniversary of death was yesterday, and our Holy Pope, the holy man now on the path to sainthood is praying for us. Santo Subito!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Time Magazine Poll!

I know I don't have any business poking my nose around in American politics, however I have before and I will again. Time magazine, which is available worldwide, has a poll regarding whether Cardinal Dolan, president of the USCCB, should be on Time Magazine's list of top 100 most influential people of 2012.

Just read how the magazine described him
The man most likely to give Barack Obama fits on the way to Election Day is the newly birettaed Archbishop of New York. Affable, jolly and theatrical, Dolan deploys these genial weapons as the Catholic Church's point man in the battle against the Obama Administration's policies on contraception and abortion. The President barely won the Catholic vote in 2008; without an accommodation, Dolan could turn away enough voters to tilt a close election — all with a smile.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Holy Week

I was going to joke you yesterday and say I now believe I am the Pope himself and that this blog will become the frontpage of my new movement called "Spiritual semi-sedevacantism", though you may not believe anything else I say so I never.

It was Palm Sunday, and we are now in this glorious time coming upon Christ's Passion, ultimately his glorious Crucifixion. His Crucifixion, the most sorrowful thing to ever occur on this vile Earth. That God should become man, only to die for us.

It is Holy week that we use to prepare ourselves to worship the lamb in the beauty of Holiness. Ah, but after we commemorate that Blessed Crucifixion, what have we to await? Is it not His glorious and divine Resurrection? He was dead, now He is Risen! Christ our Saviour, who died for us is now alive again. He has redeemed the world....yet, we continue to sin. We fault.

We forget that God loves us so very much that he gave his only son. We turn and offend Him. We steal from our neighbour, and we hate our enemy. We covet other men's goods and curse them.

We care not for sin, rather we are satisfied to be immersed in it. Hey, we're already 5 metres deep, why not go down another 15?

But this is why Christ died. He came back to life. He established His Church, the one true Church, so that we may be in Heaven with the blessed Trinity, Our Lady, the Saints and Angels, forever. He established the 7 sacraments so that we may grow ever closer to the Father and Holy Spirit. He gives us his own body and blood at every Mass, he forgives us our sins in every confession with absolution.

And then, through the prayers of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, he provides and cares for us our entire life.

God knows our every need and want, he knows every sin in ever crevice and crack in our soul. God knows our every fault. But even more he knows our every talent and good deed, for was it not Him who gave it to us?

And now, He gives us to His Blessed Mother for her maternal protection, for her unending intercession. Pray daily, repent, and have a Blessed Holy Week!