Thursday, 29 September 2011

Abolish heterosexism!

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Ah, well on a more sad note, I have this depressing and quite sickening news from Ontario.... has obtained a copy of a letter signed by Chris D’Souza, director of Harmony Movement, which was apparently sent to all of Ontario’s Catholic school trustees at the beginning of September. The letter promotes Harmony Movement’s brand of “diversity education” that aims to equip students and teachers in the “fight” against “heterosexism.”
The Harmony Movement program, he said, is a tool for promoting “equity and inclusive education,” “student leadership,” and “youth empowerment.”
“Your support in passing on this program information to your schools, principals, and other interested parties would be greatly appreciated,” wrote D’Souza in the letter.
D’Souza shocked Catholics and pro-family activists earlier this year when he openly proclaimed his support for same-sex “marriage” as an invited speaker for a consultation meeting with parents of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), on the topic of the board’s Equity & Inclusive Education policy.
At the meeting, D’Souza told parents and ratepayers that if one of his children turned out to be “gay,” he would “proudly walk them down the aisle and put their hand in the hand of whoever they fall in love with.”
It was also at this meeting that he interpreted gay ‘marriage’ as a “law” enforced by the human rights commission to protect sexual orientation against discrimination, saying that those who objected to this should “move to another country.”
Rest of the article is here on LifeSite
How ridiculous. This is pure stupidity!

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