Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Godsend

This, from the wonderful Vatican Insider
A team has been set up, to put a stop to garage style churches, boldly shaped structures that risk denaturing modern places for Catholic worship. Its task is also to promote singing that really helps the celebration of mass. The “Liturgical art and sacred music commission” will be established by the Congregation for Divine Worship over the coming weeks. This will not be just any office, but a true and proper team, whose task will be to collaborate with the commissions in charge of evaluating construction projects for churches of various dioceses. The team will also be responsible for the further study of music and singing that accompany the celebration of mass.
This is excellent. Maybe every new church plan should be sent for approval before being built. Could this possible be a response to all the tree-house, McDonald's style churches? Could this be a response to the decline of a sense of the sacred, a reverent Mass? Hmmm, I wonder.......

And for good measure, feast your eyes on this jewel.

No, it's not alive.
No, it will not take off in flight.
...for now

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