Friday, 30 September 2011

Celebrate in Song, a look-again

A comment on my post about the Celebrate in Song from the CCB, from joflynn says....
          With all do respect, Fr Angeles has a VERY small parish in Manitoba, organist, guitarist and 6 voices and they were able to learn it; modifications can be made, be a little more open minded. Remember, in order for the church to have a future, the youth have to become interested and I believe this will work to draw more people to mass!
I didn't know the Fr Angeles had a small Parish, and I appreciated this comment, as when I re-read the post I realised I sounded like a snotty little brat. No seriously! Although I dislike the new settings of the Mass which are published in CiS, I do think I was too harsh and snotty. I think they are mostly unsuitable for the Mass, but as I have now learnt from my own diocese, Parishes have no other choice but to use Celebrate in Song, well in my diocese anyways.

Truth is, I was expecting something different and more "sway around the fire-like" from the CCCB. Instead, we received one with electric guitars, which is most CERTAINLY not suitably for the Holy Sacrifice. And, we got two good ones.

The one by Michael Guimont, admittedly is my favourite, but re-listening, next in line is the one by Fr Angeles. I do not dislike the setting by Fr Angeles, it's just I fail to see how a parish with an organ and not a piano would be able to play it?

The Mass is the unbloody re-enactment of Calvary, and I think, as do most, that electric guitars, drums and synthesizers are unacceptable.

WHY can't we just use the ICEL chants? They're easy to sing in a parish setting, and they are Mass - appropriate!

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