Thursday, 15 September 2011

The future of Sacred Music

You all know how much I, and most others hate the contemporary "praise songs" and "hymns" which composers think is suitable for the Holy Mass. Like Carey Landry, Haas, Haugen, etc... well, hopefully with the new translation, that shall disappear. No, it won't. Haugen has composed the Storrington Mass, which is an utter musical and liturgical disaster which I wouldn't want to even hear in an evangelical United Church evening service. Well, it seems that there ARE good contemporary composers of sacred music. Why wouldn't there be? Well, I would like to spread notice of the opening of the Blessed John Henry Newman Institute of Liturgical Music, at none other than the Birmingham Oratory. I firmly believe, we shall see nothing but good, sacred, beautiful music, which is extremely appropriate for the Mass, surface.

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