Sunday, 30 September 2012

Something about Debussey

There's something about the music of Debussey which just makes on want to melt. This is what true piano music is.

I can remember trying to learn his Clair de Lune. It was hard, but when I eventually got it's flow, I was mesmerised.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A most excellent website

Take special notice to their "Log of Anti-Catholicism" and the various prayers there, also, it is just a great resource for protecting our Holy Father against the enemies of the Church

How can I title this?

So you know what bugs me to no end? Quite possibly the fact that I haven't written a "proper" post in dogs ages. How many times did I tell you, my dear readers, that I'd be soon posting again regularly? Well the liar that I am has been on a one-day pilgrimage, Benediction, regular-ish confession, and fulfilling my various obligations the most important being the most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Until a while ago, there was length of time, a period of time where I did not go to confession. There was no one else to blame but myself, of course, the Devil did have his part to play in this. I was if my confessor would tell everyone my sins, and that he'd think badly about me whenever he saw me.

Of course these were foolish, and the instant I stepped into the confessional and knew that Christ died for my sins and was now ready to forgive me, as he did so many times before. I was contrite and truly sorry....not out of fear of Hell, but for love of God and knowing that I had offended Him and fallen out of friendship with Him.  With the glorious help of Our Lady, the Mother of God and our Mother, I was and am now rid of those fears.

But, my soul was blackened out with the miserable soot of mortal sin. I was spiritually barren. Of course I said my prayers, a lot of prayers, and my Rosary dutifully....but again I was foolish. My soul was still not in a state of grace. It was a dark period spiritually, and I'm glad to be out of it once again.

God has unending and endless mercy. However, that does not in any way give us permission to go out and sin on purpose "because I can go to Confession later...". That only proves we don't have a full love of God, with our very heart and soul. It only shows that we are ignorant of Our Lady's most Immaculate Heart, and her glorious and loving motherhood towards us.

God is not far from us, all we need to say is "Father" and His very ear is at our lips.

When we choose to disobey the Church, the only true Church, and instead choose to abide at our own will...we choose our own self desire instead of the commandments given to us from Our Lord.

Our Blessed Lord is truly knocking at our door. Why am I so foolish as to not open it?

He left us the Church, and His Vicar to guide us on Earth.

God's mercy and forgiveness is endless and can not be described in words. Our Lord said to St Faustyna...
Tell souls not to place within their own hearts obstacles to My mercy, which so greatly wants to act within them. My mercy works in all those hearts which open their doors to it. Both the sinner and the righteous person have need of My mercy. Conversion, as well as perseverance, is a grace of My mercy.

And then? Our Lord gives us His own Mother, Mary Immaculate. She is our mother, whenever we're in doubt or pain, whenever we are joyous and whenever we are ecstatic we go to Our Blessed Mother.

St Ambrose tells us
Let, then, the life of Mary be as it were virginity itself, set forth in a likeness, from which, as from a mirror, the appearance of chastity and the form of virtue is reflected. From this you may take your pattern of life, showing, as an example, the clear rules of virtue: what you have to correct, to effect, and to hold fast. The first thing which kindles ardour in learning is the greatness of the teacher. What is greater than the Mother of God?
 What is the purpose of what I have written? That there is only one truth, one God, and his mercy is endless. That he has not abandoned us nor shall He ever. He is just and merciful. Rewarding the good and punishing the bad, he is our Father. We are his creation and should avoid every instance that offends Him. We can obtain everything through Our Lady, the Mother of God who wept with the sigh of Her son crucified, and who intercedes for us before His throne. We have the Saints to endlessly pray for us, who we can go to in our time. And we, must strive to be saints. 

Also, the purpose is to remind myself that I am a sinner, I am imperfect, and we all are.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

SSPX of the Strict Observance

On September 21, 2012, the announcement came forth like the trumpet of the Apocalypse: a new Society of St. Pius X of the Strict Observance was founded on August 10, 2012, by the Vienna (Virginia) Declaration. The founding members are five leading priests of the SSPX. 25 more SSPX “resistance priests” have been identified so far and are expected to form the core of the SSPX-SO.
Described in the words of the Declaration as a “united core of priests faithful to the position always maintained by Archbishop Lefebvre,” Frs. Joseph Pfeiffer, Ronald Ringrose, Richard Voigt, David Hewko, and Francois Chazal, coming from various areas around the world, signed the founding documents. Joining the priests in the SSPX-Strict Observance are a number of SSPX religious and laity, to name just a few: Mother Ann-Marie Simoulin, Dom Thomas Aquinas (Benedictines of Brazil), and Dr. David White, who has previously given classes at the SSPX seminary in Winona, Minnesota.
The five founding fathers have elected Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer as their leader for a term of two years (compared to Fellay’s dictatorial 24 years). The fathers have refused to give up the name “Society of St. Pius X” because “we did not change the message; the official line of the [Neo-]SSPX has changed.” Although the founding fathers note that Fellay has not yet signed any “sellout deal” with Newrome, they publicly “withdraw the exercise of obedience to him for motives of Faith until this crisis is over,” in order for the priests to maintain obedience to God in their sworn Anti-Modernist Oath. Ironically, this was the same Anti-Modernist Oath to God that Fellay himself swore when he entered Major Orders with Archbishop Lefebvre.
More here
This doesn't surprise me. Along with praying for the SSPX to fully, we must pray for this splinter as well....but why SSPX-SO?

I think SSPX continuing sounds better.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Lay people to preside funerals

The Archdiocese of Liverpool has become the first diocese in England and Wales to commission lay people to preside at funerals.
Archbishop Patrick Kelly formally commissioned 22 lay ministers to celebrate funeral ceremonies in an effort to relieve pressure on priests who sometimes must celebrate seven or more funeral Masses a week.
The move was announced through a brochure, “Planning a Catholic Funeral”, published recently by the archdiocese. The brochure described a funeral as the “community’s main celebration and prayer for the deceased”.
“This could be a funeral Mass but … it may be a funeral service led by a lay funeral minister or a deacon,” it said.
Vocations in Liverpool declined sharply in recent years, and the archdiocese projected that the number of priests will decline from 170 to 100 by 2015.
Lay ministers already preside at funerals in some parts of the world where no priest or deacon is available. The decision by Archbishop Kelly represents the first time such a step was authorised by the Catholic Church in England and Wales.
This is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing. What is going on in the mind of the Bishop at all?

More here 
And here..
OH! And here as well...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

"Nothing worse than gay dads"

“She thinks children need a father and a mother and I agree with her,” he said. “I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.
“Some people might not agree with that. Fine! That’s just my opinion.
“I’m not speaking on behalf of the gay community. In fact, I don’t feel like I’m part of any ‘community’.
“The only community I belong to is humanity and we’ve got too many children on the planet, so it’s good not to have more.”
Campaigners claimed his remarks were reminiscent of those who oppose same-sex marriages.
Ben Summerskill, chief executive of the campaign group Stonewall, said: "Rupert should get out a little bit more to see the facts for himself.
“There is absolutely no evidence that the kids of gay parents suffer in the way they are being brought up or in how they develop."
Everett also told how his family’s military background, which included his father serving as an Army Major, meant “some things were simply not talked about”.
His comments were part of a feature in which his mother was interviewed as well.
Here is the full story

This is good in a sense, because it's an openly homosexual man defending the family. It's sinful and horrible that someone should embrace a homosexual lifestyle, but, to hear this supports the cause AGAINST so-called same-sex couples adopting children. The word "gay" has been misused in this article, but still we have to pray that the true family will be defended and upheld as a model for society.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The feast of the Holy Name of Mary is today. Pray.

Pray for Vocations

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A much-loved voice retires

Irondale, Ala., Sep 4, 2012 / (CNA).- Franciscan friar Father Benedict Groeschel has stepped down as host of EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime television show following his apology for making comments about the sexual abuse of minors.
“Father Benedict has led a life of tremendous compassion and service to others and his spiritual insights have been a great gift to the EWTN family for many years. We are profoundly grateful to him and assure him of our prayers,” Michael P. Warsaw, president and CEO of EWTN Global Catholic Network, said Sept. 3.
“At the same time, we ask our EWTN family to pray for all those who have been affected by this painful situation and in particular those who have been victims of sexual abuse.”
Fr. Groeschel decided to step down from the program after consulting with EWTN and with his religious community, the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Warsaw said.
Full story.

Pray for Fr Groeschel, there are not many who don't enjoy his programme and his glorious compassionate efforts to help the poor. He's a living lesson, and a living object of the true Franciscan charism.