Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Happy Anniversary!

It is the anniversary of the Successor of St Peter's ordination! Long Live the POPE!
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CCCB Issues pastoral letter on Same-sex attraction

What we've been waiting for, a wave of orthodoxy from the CCCB.

From the CCCB website

The Commission for Doctrine of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) released today a letter on pastoral ministry to young people with same-sex attraction. “As Bishops, we wish to address the pastoral needs of adolescents and young adults who question their sexual identity or experience feelings of same-sex attraction.  We are concerned for the spiritual good of all persons, and want to help them live out their call ‘to the fullness of Christian life and to the perfection of charity’.  Convinced that ‛only what is true can ultimately be pastoral,’ we offer this guidance, by way of general principles and pastoral guidelines, to all Catholics, pastors, parents and educators, as well as to young adults themselves,” the Commission states in its introduction to the pastoral letter.
While stressing the fact that the Church in her teaching never condemns persons with same-sex attraction, the Bishops note that “while homosexual acts are always objectively wrong, same-sex inclinations are not in themselves sinful or a moral failing”. (…) “For many people, same-sex attraction constitutes a trial.   They therefore deserve to be approached by pastors with charity and prudence.”
In its letter, the Commission offers various pastoral guidelines, in addition to expressing its “profound gratitude to all those who wisely and lovingly guide young people with a same-sex attraction: priests and pastoral associates, parents and educators”.
A study guide will complement the pastoral letter when printed copies are available later this summer.  The letter itself, without the study guide, can be downloaded freely from www.cccb.ca.  The printed version with the study guide can be ordered from the CCCB Publications Service at http://www.cccbpublications.ca/.

Monday, 27 June 2011

A Liturgists Motto

Bugger the worship, let's break out the tambourines and praise ME! (we'll just make it look religious)

Pray for the Vicar of Christ

Chant of Benevento

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Christ is present in the Blessed Sacrament: Body, Soul, and Divinity. We could not live without our Blessed Saviour. Yet, he is profaned the whole world over, intentionally, and unintentionally. Unintentionally, our Sweetest Saviour is profaned by those who have been mislead by heretics, though the heretics profaned Our Lord intentionally, disobeying His Church. Dissenting from His Mystical Body. When He is profaned, our Blessed Mother weeps. Her Immaculate Heart is stricken with another sword. She, who bore Him in Her womb, our Blessed Lady.

When we stray from the teachings of His Church, we fall into sin. When we sin, we must repent and ask forgiveness....we can only be forgiven through the Confessional. If we should die in sin (mortal sin).....then can we enter into the Gates of Heaven? What will we answer when Our Saviour says to us "Did you obey me. Did you obey my Church?" what will you say? When the Lord says to you "Did you teach others of my goodness?" what will you say? "Did you love your neighbour as you loved yourself?" He will ask; What will you say? "Oh, but.....I believe that everyone goes into Heaven. How could a God, which is merciful and just, send someone to Hell" you say, oh but wait. How could a God, who is most merciful and just NOT send someone to Hell! Should one go to Hell, he deserves it. And, if we are sent to Hell, we will know we deserve it. We will accept it, and accept and eternity of suffering for our sins, and for our giving in to pleasures of the world.

When we sin, we offend Our Lord and Saviour, who is most present in the Blessed Sacrament. Come, spend and hour in the presence of our Dear and Blessed Saviour. Come, ask for the intercession on his most pure, sinless Virgin Mother, our sweetest and most dearest Blessed Lady. Our Lady. She, who did bear Our Lord in Her Womb. Her intercession is most powerful.

Friday, 24 June 2011

John 1:8

 A Short Homily of St John Chrysostem
He was not that Light.
Now if he did not introduce this as setting himself against this suspicion, then the expression is absolutely superfluous, and tautology rather than elucidation of his teaching. For why, after having said that he was sent to bear witness of that Light, does he again say, He was not that Light? (He says it,) not loosely or without reason; but, because, for the most part, among ourselves, the person witnessing is held to be greater, and generally more trustworthy than the person witnessed of; therefore, that none might suspect this in the case of John, at once from the very beginning he removes this evil suspicion, and having torn it up by the roots, shows who this is that bears witness,  and who is He who is witnessed of, and what an interval there is between the witnessed of, and the bearer of witness. And after having done this, and shown His incomparable superiority, he afterwards proceeds fearlessly to the narrative which remains; and after carefully removing whatever strange (ideas) might secretly harbour in the minds of the simpler sort, so instils into all easily and without impediment the word of doctrine in its proper order.
Let us pray then, that henceforth with the revelation of these thoughts and rightness of doctrine, we may have also a pure life and bright conversation, since these things profit nothing unless good works be present with us. For though we have all faith and all knowledge of the Scriptures, yet if we be naked and destitute of the protection derived from (holy) living, there is nothing to hinder us from being hurried into the fire of hell, and burning for ever in the unquenchable flame. For as they who have done good shall rise to life everlasting, so they who have dared the contrary shall rise to everlasting punishment, which never has an end. Let us then manifest all eagerness not to mar the gain which accrues to us from a right faith by the vileness of our actions, but becoming well-pleasing to Him by these also, boldly to look on Christ. No happiness can be equal to this. And may it come to pass, that we all having obtained what has been mentioned, may do all to the glory of God; to whom, with the Only-Begotten Son and the Holy Ghost, be glory for ever and ever. AMEN.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Goodbye Windows...

hello Linux! I have Linux on my computer now, so my computer life (or what much of it I have) is relatively stress free now! And, the design of it is just aesthetically pleasing! Please stay tuned for more posts now!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

There is only One

Missals for the new Mass!

If you're looking for a nice personal Missal to use to follow along with the new corrected Translation, look no further than the Catholic Truth Society! Their Missals, have the Latin of the Mass on one page, and the English on the other, so even though you'll more than likely be haring it in English, you can see what the Latin for it is as well. The layout is similar to the Missals for the EF.

Here is what's available. You can get a simple "Order of the Mass" book, or you can get a Sunday Missal. Both Paperback and Leather can be bought. Here's the full selection http://www.cts-online.org.uk/acatalog/Order_of_Mass_booklets_and_cards_for_the_people.html

Now, the one published by the CTS is most suitable for the UK and Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand and Australia due to the Anglicised spellings.I don't know how good it is for the people down in the States. Though, on FrZ's wonderful blog he has shown a missal published by the USCCB!

A Priest Forever

Fr John Corapi, is leaving the active ministry. I don't have much to say, but I wholeheartedly believe, that he is innocent of what he is being accused of. He is very orthodox, and solid in his faith. I pray for his return.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Help Me! Please?

Now that I have your attention, do any of ye know what is wrong with my laptop? It will connect to the internet, and I can visit a few sites. Then, all of a sudden it disconnects, but the little icon down in the corner of the screen (the little computer with the earth in front of it) says I am still connected.My WiFi button says it's on.

So, what's wrong? 

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Come, Pray the Rosary!

I've just got to share this wonderful and really awesome website for praying the Rosary with you!
You can pray a perpetual Rosary, which is one which is taking place throughout the world and you're praying with everyone, or you can start at the very beginning. You can be in a Church or in Israel!


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

These are the fruits of thy labour

Thank you "liturgists".

I've seen it all.

Let all the Earth Rejoice!

Not worship Mother Earth.

Saturday, 11 June 2011


To-morrow, we celebrate the feast of the Pentecost. When the Holy Spirit was outpoured on the disciples in the Upper Room. With the disciples at the time was the Mother of God, Mary ever Blessed!

Pentecost, or Whitsunday as it is known as well, is usually celebrated with a glorious and beautiful High Mass, with a little bit more incense than usual in the censor, and maybe even a different SMELL of incense! The Priest, who is to transform ordinary Bread and Wine into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Blessed Saviour, would wear simple but exquisitely embroidered and solemn vestments. It should be the same in the OF, and it IS when the OF is said properly and reverently, by the book, as it was meant to be. You would think that even the most dissident Priests would follow the rubrics on Pentecost....but wait, if they never at Easter (the most joyful celebration of the Church!), they most certainly will not at Pentecost. In fact, they probably see this as a score time to "experiment" with the liturgy, like they probably do every Sunday and festival Day. (In other words, it's time to act like a Pentecostal).
This is a great opportunity to throw red and white streamers around the Church, and to bounce around speaking gibberish, while Brother Jonz Idontknow rams out Come Holy Spirit (not the chant) on the electric Guitar, while the children's choir sings along with an accompanying piano. This is the precise moment to bring out the dancers, while "Let it Shine" is played with a slide-show projected on the sanctuary. Things typical of evangelical Protestant churches. "Oh no! Anything BUT Catholic"

Whereas, the God-centred (Christocentric) Mass will have chanting "Veni, creator Spiritus" or singing "Come, Holy Spirit Blest". Either in the EF or the OF.

Have a Blessed Pentecost, most dearest readers. Thou art in my prayers every day and night. Not many people like to listen to me, and I appreciate it that you actually take time out of your day to read what I have to say. Please pray to our Blessed Mother, the Mother of the Word Incarnate and ask her for prayers to the Lord most High! Please pray to St Joseph, foster Father to our dearest Lord and Saviour! Pray to St Peter and to St Margaret Mary Alacoque. Also, pray to St John Bosco and St Dominic Savio. May God Bless you much!


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Contemporary Sacred Music

I like the new blog-post format! It's quite easy to use, though I will eventually miss the old one.....
Today, I have for thee a beautiful setting of contemporary sacred music - the way it should be.

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in Canada

My blogging has been scarce lately, please forgive me. By lately, I mean the past few months. But, once Summer comes round, well, watch out :)! Anyhow, in Calgary in the province of Alberta, there is a group of ordinariate-bound Anglicans, called the "Our Lady of Walsingham & St John the Evangelist Ordinariate Group". Please pray for their swim across the Tiber, and visit their site!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Dear readers....

Please pray for my Aunt Marg(aret) who died on Tuesday. Please pray for the repose of her soul! Thank you and God Bless.