Thursday, 11 March 2010

What did I buy today?

Well, I wanted a new incense burner, so I bought one with a handle. It is a simple silver one, from ReligiousMall. My bloody PayPal was low on funds so, I settled with this because I didn't want to wait a millenia for more money to transfer. Anyhow, I did see the brass version on Eastern Church Supply, but they didn't accept PayPal!!! AH! So, as I said I settled for this:
I did want the one from Aquinas and More (here), but i'twas $34. The one that I bought was only €21, ($21, shipping and all!!). I have a few censers now. So, I hope I made a good buy! It is to go with my, recommended and praised (by Gen) Gloria Incense!

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