Monday, 22 March 2010

The Essentials of proper Catechisation!

It is really essential, that today children are catechized properly. Taught the proper teachings, dogmas and doctrines of the church. They should not be taught from a personal opinion, they should be taught what the CHURCH says, not what Sr. Amelia Bedilia thinks. They should be in catechism class. Not "Childrens Liturgy", during mass. Childrens Liturgy, seperates children from the congregation, so they can't hear the priest speak. They should hear the priest speak, hopefully he's orthodox (but if he was he wouldn't allow CL). Catechizing children is not hard, it's not painful, and you won't die; so I don't know why people are so scared to. Some people say the droning the good ol' Baltimore Catechism is "clichè", well it's not, and does much good.

Children should be taught what the church teaches, what you are supposed to believe as a Catholic, because Catholics do not choose what we believe, we must believe what the church teaches, if not then we are not fully Catholic. The children must be taught prayers, the rosary.

You would be surprised about the lack of catechization in the progressive 60-70-80's. Children are our future Priests, Nuns, Monks, Brothers, Sisters, Deacons, etc... they are also our current Altar Boys. That's why proper catechisation is absolutely essential.

Though, Catholic children are being catechized more properly! The generations are becoming more orthodox, and more reverent. Thanks to the FSSP, ICRSS, Una Voce, etc... Thank God for our traditional Nuns and sisters, and our teaching orders. Thank God for the Monks of Downside Abbey, and for the Westminster Cathedral Choir School. Thank God for St. Bonaventure's College in Newfoundland (one of the very few orthodox Jesuit schools in British Canada). Thank God for St. Michael's Cathedral Choir School in Ontario. Thank God for the Dominicans, Thank God for the St. Benedict Center, Thank God for our teaching Brothers, and our Monks.

Our church is going through a hard, hard time right now. What, with the shake up over in the Publacht na hÈirlann, and the even more scandals in the Bundesrepublic Deutschland.

Remember. God will never give us anything we can't handle, and the gates of Hell will never prevail against the church!
Long Live the Pope

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