Wednesday, 24 March 2010

And Intro...don't worry, not a rant!

The Canadian Government, can get confusing sometimes. It is especially now, since we have Harper as Prime Minister, he says he is Pro-Life, but he isn't doing anything. The government works differently than the American government. I made this little diagram to help explain...Thanks to Microsoft Paint, it isn't that viewable, but it still helps.
It goes from: The Queen, the Governer General, the Prime Minister, the Cabinate, the Ministries and Civil Services, and the Voters. In the side of the Prime Minister, we have the PM's Office, and the Privy Council (sometimes Privvy). Therefore, the Queen has the most power, the Governer General represents the Queen in Canada, and fulfills her duties. The Governer General can approve laws when the Queen isn't available. The Queen (Elizabeth II) is our Head of State, like the President is for America. She can kick ol' Stevie off his high throne, and replace him with anyone she likes. The Governer General also can ask any of the leaders of the political parties with seats in the house if they are ready to take over the duty of being Prime Minister. The Cabinate and Senate vote on the laws, once the laws are voted anf agreed on the Queen (or Governer General) has to approve. The Ministries and Civil Services are things like, the Health department, etc. Then there are the voters who choose what political parties they can vote for. The Conservatives, Liberals, New Democrats, the Greens (eww), the Bloc Quèbècois, the Christian Heritage Party (Pro-Lifers!), Newfoundland First (Pro-Lifers!).

The Christian Heritage party, is confusing. Their political ideology is "Social Conservative". Their main goal is "For Canada to be governed by biblical principles, as we see the bible as The Holy Bible to be the inspired, inerrant written Word of God and the final authority above all man's laws and government". This is problematic, as that is not in line with church teaching, but I suppose it's better than these liberal "conservatives" who are in PM now. The CHP (Christian Heritage Party) is Pro-Life, and also Pro-Family. They aim, when elected, to "provide $1000 to any family, whos parent(s) decides to be a stay-at-home mother/father". In the 2008 election, they had 59 candidates. They only got 0.19% of the popular vote. They are social conservatives, so they believe that government and/or society have a role in encouraging or enforcing traditional values or behaviors based on the belief that these are what keep people civilized and decent.

The Green party is an eco-obsessed party, who is too concerned with the environment, and cares about nothing more than keeping whats green, green. They all live off of salad and croutons, with a healthy serving of swamp soup. (forgive me for that, it's just a joke...I couldn't help it!)

The Conservatives are conservative to a point, Their MP's are against abortion, and against contraception. They are also against Planned Parenthood (yay!) See here.

The Liberal party is a cold place to step, for they are pro-death. I will say no more, except that their leader is Greek Orthodox, who is definately not in the Orthodox spectrum.

The Bloc Quèbècois make my head dizzy. They are Quèbèc seperatists, but you see-- they run for national election...and they only run candidates in Quebec, and if their leader is elected they will seperate from Canada, which doesn't make sense, because where does that leave the government du Canada? Ahh, confusing......anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong on this one!

The Newfoundland First Party is sort of a political party that is registered at both the provincial and national levels. They aren't seperatists "per-say", but they are definately (along with the PC's) leaning that way. They fight for the better treatement for Newfoundland which was guarenteed at confederation, which wasn't given.

I will have to go off a little more to explain the Newfoundland predicament, bear with me for a moment...

When Newfoundland hoined confederation, they weren't given fair treatment, especially in today's government, with Harper's "anti-Newfoundland" agenda. Newfoundland is a have-not province, and was a "have" province for approx. 5 seconds, so they were a full member of Canada for approximately 5 seconds. The NL First party fights for better treatment of Newfoundland, and if not seperation. I suppose that they are now leading towards seperation because of unfair treatment. Oh, and they are Pro-Life! The Progressive Conservative party, their name can be misleading. They aren't "progressive" like, "liberal". They are not hte ideology "progressive", thay are adjective progressive. So, they are also Pro-Life, headed by the very Catholic, very moral Danny Williams, the current Premier (although John Crosbie, the Lieutenant Governer, who represents the Queen in NL, has the same power over him as the Governer General does over the PM the Lieutenant Governer is also very Pro-Life, and very Catholic.). The PC (Progressive Conservatives) are a Red-Toryist party, and the Wikipedia page has a very very accurate explanation of Red Toryism, and the Progressive Conservatives, see here, (PC's) and here (Red Toryism) . Now, God Bless you for sitting through my long explanation, and forgive me for wasting your time, hehe.

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