Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Abortion funding still in the bill!

The nation's Catholic bishops have released a new detailed legal memorandum
analyzing both the health care bill President Barack Obama signed into law and
the executive order he issued. The memo says abortion funding is still present
in the new law despite the executive order.

This upsets me . It is heartbreaking, absolutely heartbreaking. It makes me want to bust. "Why? Our money is just heling needy women" is what the Liberals say. The reason it angers me so, is that (even though I don't live in the states), Your money is going toward murder. When you pay the taxes, your money helps kill babies against your will! When you pay the taxes it helps women loose and kill their child, and you have no choice on the matter. All thanks to Obama. Well, this little tidbit shall also brighten your day:

They say the health care bill violates both provisions of the Hyde amendment -- which, only pertaining to the federal budget, stops abortion funding and funding abortions in federal health insurance programs.

The attorneys note that, since the bill lacks any specific ban on abortion funding, "federal funds that PPACA appropriates anywhere else, including, at a minimum, Community Health Centers, are unrestricted by Hyde and so must be used to pay for abortions."

"Thus, the stated purpose of this provision of the Executive Order is commendable, but the provision is ineffective apart from the two particular contexts where Hyde-like statutory protections actually apply," they write.

Grr. This concerns me, also, because--the Canadian government really likes to copy the American government, 'cause Harper is an Obabma wanna-be. Honestly, have you been following Harper? (and I really don't blame you if you haven't, cause he's boring), he really copies Obama. And he says he's prolife. pughfghgf.

Read more here, from LifeSite.

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