Monday, 1 March 2010

Incense, and 2 Questions

Well, it is March....the month of St. Joseph, and also the month dedicated to the Irish!
The other day, I bought some new incense for my house ... now, I haven't tried this brand before, and so I have high expectations. I have bought "Gloria" incense from Aquinas & More. Today, I have 2 questions.

1. Has anyone tried this incense before?
2. A few days ago, before buying the incense, I clicked on this link that went to the "Catholic Web Store", which was another website for Aquinas & More. Now, when ever I go to their website (Aquinas & More), up in the logo section, it comes up as the logo for the "Catholic Web Store". How can I get it to go back to the A&M logo???

Help!!!! Please??

Well, God Bless!

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Gen said...

Gloria incense is great - long lasting, thick smoke. It's my personal favorite, especially the F8 blend.