Sunday, 7 March 2010

Huh! Who KNEW!

Yesterday, I bought 2 candles from Dollarama that the wax comes out in different colors --- it is so beautiful! I also bought cone incense in a bottle -- they aren't so good. Very, very, poor quality (well what would I expect anyways, I bought them from the Dollarama). Though, at the Dollarama, you can buy pictures and statues and glass etchings of the saints, our Blessed Mother and Our Lord. You can also get votive candles with pictures on them. I also notices that at WalMart, where I seldom go, that they also sell 7 day votive candles! huh! Who Knew!

Though, I still prefer Aquinas & More, and the Cukierski Apostolate.


In the choir loft said...

For some reason I read "Dollarama" as Dali Lama.

Sancta Camerinus said...

Everything used to be 1 dollar. It was amazing, but I knew they had to change sometime, and so now the highest price is $2.50. ;)