Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Liturgical Disaster: Carey "and the father will dance" Landry

His music makes my ears bleed. I am sick of hearing about the Father dancing, and prancing. I am sick of seeing him dance up and down aisles. I was looking through one of those "Glory & Praise" hymnals. It made me want to cry! I mean, come on! GET OUTTA THE SIXTIES! What a disaster. I am sure that the good man, (Carey Landry) can do better, right? I am sorry for being so critical, but, I mean...really? "Abba, Father". His good intentions are just, not all that good. Also, "Glory & Praise" sounds like a Pentecostal church "praise-worship-life-inclusive-happy-go-clappy-hippy-scantily-clad-praise-worship liturgical dance" type of hymnal.

But, I must applaud the Catholic Book of Worship for including some traditional hymns. I much, much, much more prefer the Adoremus Hymnal, and the St. Joseph's Missal hymnal (pre-Vatican II).

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Anonymous said...

OF course, you realize now self-respecting Pentecostal church would use this? Far too "accoustic" in that it does not lend itself to electric guitar and drum kit.

And while the song is indeed lightweight (not a universal proof of unworthyness) the scripture from which it is a pretty direct quote, Zephaniah 3:14 ff is not.

I have to admit though, I can see the potential for some dramatically bad dance!