Tuesday, 6 April 2010

High Church, Broad Church, Low Church.

The Traditional Catholics, who are fiercely loyal to Pope Benedict XVI, who are orthodox, and are by the book as the High Church
The Catholics, who are commonly called "Contemporary Catholics", as the Broad Church

The "Catholics" who love dancing and prancing about in the sanctuary, lay preaching, priests in rainbow vestments, want to somehow "protestantize" the church, and love nuns in albs without habits, a.k.a Progressives, as the Low Church

What I have posted above is very problematic. You see, the way I have seperated them into 3 groups as the "High Church", "Broad Church", and "Low Church" is the way that Anglicans, and Anglican groups identify themselves.

Anglicans who want an All male, celibate priesthood, traditional liturgies, etc.. are the High Church

Anglicans who are contemporary, or so-called "of today", are the Broad Church

Anglicans who want to stress their protestant identity, progressive, pro-womens "ordination", etc are the Low Church

Can you see how some people would distinguish the Catholic church this way?
Thos who love the TLM, are firecely loyal to Pope Benedict, etc... as the High Church Catholics
Those who are apparently "of today" and "contemporary" as the Broad Church Catholics
Those who want people dancing, and flitting like a flutterbye without wings in the sanctuary, the progressives, as the Low Church Catholics...

Not that I am comparing the church this way, I am just saying that, can't you see how someone could explain the church this way?

Although, distinguishing the church into 3 groups like this makes it seem as if the church was three different churches, and that they are all seperate from one another....making this, a bad way to explain our Holy Mother Church.

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