Saturday, 10 April 2010

How many Progressives does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

First of all, they must change their name like 400 times, Modernists, to Liberals, to Prgressives, to "Unique", to "A New Way", etc... Then, they must find a different way to put it in then just screwing it in like the normal person would do, because screwing it in is too "traditional". They're too thickheaded, so there is no use trying to tell them how. How many Progressives does it take? Well, you see, thats debateable. They'll try just one, If they can't reach the lightbulb with one person, then they can't use a ladder or a stool, or on ones shoulders because thats too traditional. They must find a "different" way, they will experiment with the ways first. Then, I just don't know. There is too much experementation going one, too much "New Ways". That's how they go about the liturgy too. The Mass, is the Holy Sacrifice, an unbloody Sacrifice of Our Lord's body. He is consumed, reverently, by us. Our Lord. It's a sacrifice, not a show.Progressives try to experement with the liturgy, with dancers, and lay homiliy, and now even lay gospel reading. Yes, we are supposed to be active participents and Pope St. Pius X stressed! But not in a way it turns the Mass into a broadway show, with scantily clad people dancing around the church.

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Gen said...

Great post!

I think the new motto of the liberals is "Let uth thelbrate diverthity," if you get my drift. ;-)