Thursday, 29 April 2010

Remember, O thou Man...

That sin is real, Hell is real. Sometimes in this world of ours, we tend to forget that sin is VERY real, and that Hell is VERY real. When we do something bad, we sometimes shrug it off and say, "oh, that dun'n matter!", when "Oh YES, it 'duz'!". How are we to attain eternal Salvation without being clean from sin?
-Oh, but I pray to God e.v.e.r.y. night, and ask for forgiveness, he forgives me! No matter what I do!-
While that is true(that nothing is "un-forgivable"), Christ can only forgive us if we repent through CONFESSION. And, only if we complete the PENANCE that the Priest, In Persona Christi, has given us.
We must pray to the Blessed Virgin for forgiveness, through the Act of Contrition, he intercession is O so Powerful!  We are all sinful, don't deny it. There was only the Blessed Virgin and our Lord who are sinless.

God is all Perfect, Just, Loving, Merciful, Forgiving. How could the Lord sin, when he was God? The Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, was preserved from Original sin, and was preserved from ALL SIN. The Blessed Virgin's soul is Pure! Nothing on earth can match the Purity of her soul!

We, humans, today, are sinners. If you are to say your are not with any sin, well then you are a heretical Hypocrite!

                                                        The Most Holy Trinity!

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