Monday, 5 April 2010

New Template...

I have completely updated the template. I am trying it, so it's in a BETA stage. I want your opinion, since your the readers. I don't want to make a change that thou won't like!

So, what do you think? Is it decent? Is it too busy? Be honest!
Please, tell me your opinion!


Hermit Sans Permit said...

PAX, nice to see a faithful Canadian Blog, i like it, but something takes a while to finish the download of it on my computer, and the scrolling sticks, after it is done. i will investigate and let you know.
i will add you to my Blog as well.
PS is a great place for videos, (to [put them in blogger, it will say it has an embedding issue, but just check the ignore box, and repost).

Sancta Camerinus said...

Wow! Thanks! I will add you also!