Saturday, 24 April 2010

Reform of the Reform

The Reform of the Reform is most definitely coming. There are signs. The obvious and the not so obvious.
Our Holy Pope Benedict is certainly reforming the reform.

Is you search "catholic mass" on Google, the majority of the results that you'll get are of the TLM, though, you may find a few with obvious liturgical abuse, the majority are of the TLM.
The Latin mass is distinguishably Catholic. It sets us apart from the rest of the world, as we are other-worldly.
First of all, it is in Latin, the language of the Universal church. It is prayed ad orientum, with the most beautiful Music you could ever hear. It is a true sacrifice.

The vernacular mass, when said properly is also very, very beautiful. The abuses that were encountered were on a cause of a misinterpretation, but that's not only to blame. Some (most) of the abuses were committed just of straight-out ignorance of the Rubrics. What Pope Paul VI himself said that "the smoke of Satan has entered our Church". He saw what was happening, what he didn't want to happen. I don't blame it on the council but on the times. It was the 60's. There were radicals and progressives everywhere you could set your eyes.

Now, today, the 21st century it is different. Abuses are now committed not from a mis-interpretation f the council, though there are some, but they are committed out of pure ignorance of the rubrics. I know for a fact the Cardinal Mahony is Los Angeles knows how the Mass should be prayed, and I am more than certain that the infamous Bishop Clark in Rochester, knows more than well that you are not supposed to put a lay person in charge of a Parish.

The Reform of the Reform is slowly happening, as to not shock the people with sudden change.
  • The New translation of the Mass
  • Parishes starting to face Ad Orientum
  • Dioceses making it a RULE to face Ad Orientum
  • The Tabernacle being placed in the Center of the church, which never did change.
  • Parishes incorporating more Latin into their liturgies.
  • More chant
  • More Mozart, Byrd and Tallis!
Thanks be to God, for our Holy Pope Benedict XVI.

God Bless!

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