Sunday, 25 April 2010

So, we're out in the middle of the Ocean, in a small boat...

The Progressive wants to find a unique way to get back to the shore, because using the paddles are too traditional. Calling to shore with a phone (we're in the middle of the ocean, now) and ask for some diverse people to come out dancing in little rafts to push us ashore, while celebrating "d i v e r s i t y".

Another suggestion they had was that maybe we should praise dance on the boat and ask Brother Jesus to float down on a magical rainbow cloud and push us ashore, with felt banners!!!!!!!!!

Or, anything impossible, because rowing back is too Traditional.
                                                                                How did we get out there in the first place?

The point is, why are Progressives so difficult? So thinkheaded?
Our Lord, Jesus Christ does not appreciate people prancing up and down the isles of his Churches. He does not appreciate people finding different ways to experiment with the liturgy, where his BODY & BLOOD are made PRESENT, and consumed! Christ does not want people dancing around the monstrance like bloody-mad lunatics. The disrespect for Our Lord in the Eucharist that I have seen is absolutely DESPICABLE!
Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Ora Pro Nobis, Pray for the Church.

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