Thursday, 28 January 2010


The released the iPad, now here comes my blooger segments, the iRant.

The evils of womens ordination has stretched wide and far in Canada. For example, there is a United Ways commercial that comes on tv sometimes that has a women minister, probably of the United Church or Anglican Church of Canada speaking, and what she says is "people who respect, and live in it" or something of the like.

Also, whenever you go the the website of the Anglican Church of Canada, their is bound to be some bishop women, speaking about some kind of thing.

And then, there is the outrageous United Church of Canada. I have another post about this "church". All respect for them that I did have (if I did have any in the first place) is gone. They are sort of a free-for-all denomination. If you look at some of the links on their website .... all of them are liberal. Some of their ministers have gone so far as to state that the Ressurection is allegorical, which it is not; That the Virgin Birth is allegorical, which it most definately is Not. They are self proclaimed liberals -- in theology, and politics.

And now, this leads us on to the breakaway, schismatic, heterodox and excommunicated group: the (I choke to say) Womens ...... Ordination .. Con (ugh) frence. What they do is really horrible. They babble on all day with their progressive nonsense, and their wacky liberal "ideals". One could really get a headache just looking at them. Note, my dearest readers that they barely have any new members! They are all older, in their 40's, 50's and 60's. They will be gone soon enough.

Now, don't get me started on the modern art. Well, this is my rant. I must apologize for my negativeness.

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