Thursday, 27 May 2010

You wanna know the truth?

Did you know, that EVERY second a child is slaughtered by the crime of abortion? That EVERY day billions of children are killed in the womb by contraception, and that every day, lives are prevented from being concieved. Thay are the evils of contraception.

"The Pill" allows the life to be concieved, but then kill the new tiny human being, by not letting it attach to the woman's inside. Therefore, the life is not allowed to "implant". He is desposed of in a womens next menstrual period.

Abortion, is the morally evil act, upon which a human life is murdered. Killed....but how? It is violent.

One method that these demonic doctors use to kill, is using a vacuum, 29 times more powerful than a vacuum we use to clean the floor, sucks out the contents of the woman's womb.

Another way, is to stick a metal rod in the baby's soft spot, suck out the brain, crush the skull, and remove all remaining body parts. It is malled like a chicken.

Another common way is to inject a saline solution into the baby's "bag of water", so it will burn the skin off him. The baby convulses in pain for 1 to 2 hours, then dies. The Mother is forced to go into labour, and give birth to a dead baby.

Or, a more common way, an incision is made in the Mother's abdomen. The baby is removed, and die.

The Truth.


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