Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Upcoming Translation.

I was reading Forest Murmers today, and saw this!

"I`m on the diocesan clergy retreat at Ushaw this week so this is just a quick post. Some priest bloggers have discussed recently using the new translation of the OF Mass before the official launch date. I thought readers might be interested to know that Mass at the retreat today was celebrated by our bishop and priests using the new texts. Everyone dutifully replied `And with your spirit`. No-one died and no horses appeared to be frightened. My impression was that it seemed a bit more wordy but it was a huge improvement on what we have had. I expect we`ll be using the new translation the rest of the week.
UPDATE: 26.05.10 Apparently it was just a one off. Today we returned to the old new Mass. "
Isn't that just WONDERFUL!

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