Monday, 10 May 2010

The Book Review, Part 2.

It's truly terrible that I have been taking so long to get these up. Anyhow, here it is.

When you read the Aquinas Catechism, it truly is inspiring. It gives such a deep explanaton into the three featured prayers. It dispells the myths about the prayers, and corrects what the heretics preached.
I started off with the Apostles prayer, the first chapter, which was "I Believe in God, the Father Almighty".
I really in particular liked the way our glorious Saint trumped out the hereseys, and told us the proper teaching. St. Thomas, first went to talk on the error of the Manicheans

First, the error of the Manicheans,
who say that all visible created things are from the devil, and only the invisible creation is to be
attributed to God. The cause of this error is that they hold that God is the highest good, which is
true; but they also assert that whatsoever comes from good is itself good.
-The Aquinas Catechism, pg. 20-
The Catechism is a very good catechism for teaching children, and converts about the evils of heresy. In almost EVERY chapter, our glorious Saints talks about the errors people believed of the select part of the prayer.
I have also discovered, that the Aquinas Catechism may also be called the Catechismal Instuctions of St. Thomas Aquinas. God Bless, Part 3 soon.
P.S. This is why I'm no good at stuff like this, I keep putting it off. That's one of my downfalls. Heh, nobody's perfect.....right?

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