Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Brotha Lord, Brotha Jesus! Fling of the Night! Where your there?

Here are the rest of the Cd's from the list....

Next I listened to a CD of the "Celtic Mass". I liked on version of the "Celtic Alleluia" on it, it was called "Celtic Alleluia: Sending Forth". The rest, except for the few, had 60's electric pianos and what not.

"Clothed in Love!" was next. In the description it read "this collection offers exuberant, gospel-style music for the liturgy!". I was so excited, I nearly fell outta the chair! (not).  I thought I was at a jazz performance! Horrible! Then I though I was at a broadway show, then I just wanted to die. Okay, not really, but it was horrible. It most DEFINATELY is not fit for the Mass!

I next listened to "Destination Known". I thought it was a car-trip CD at first, an OCP version. The description said "a youth ministers dream come true". Now how, I wonder? This must be a protestant Cd! But No! I click to the songs and up appears the Doxologies, Great Amen, a Gospel Acclamation (which is very badly interpreted by OCP). Almost every song had the same intro, and the same tune. Just different words. It was some sort of mix between pop and gospel music! It was absolutely horrible! (Imagine Simon Cowell saying "absolutely horrible".)

A CD specifically designed for Easter was what I listened to next, called "Easter Praises". I shuttered, I got scared. Now, it is not as bad as I thought! The first Exsultet was my favourite. Though, there was a "spanish exsultet". It was horrible. Something you would hear on a sappy soap-opera. Just because it is in Spanish (though it SHOULD be in Latin), that doesn't mean we have to make it to sound like something you'd see on Spanish tele.

"Find us Ready" was what I played next. To describe it in one word, that word would be "eww".

"God's eye is on the Sparrow!" was what I had to bear through after that. It is music from some guy named Anawim, and Bob Hurd (shutter). It sounded like something you would hear in an Evangelical mega-Church!
I did not like it.

I listened to "Half Way Home" next. It was full of showtime music, with gospel lyrics. Yuck.

I am not even going to talk about what I listened to next. "I Call upon You, God" was it's name. It is gross.

"If God is for Us" contained "reggae hymns" gospel hymns, and traditional 4-part hymns. Reggae is not suitable for the mass, nor is gospel music.

"In Rememberance of You" is a CD of the setting of the mass of the same name. Some of them could sound nice, with the proper Organ and choir.

"Lead us to the Water" was the next on the list. I nearly cried, it was so horrible.

Next was "Let Me Follow", but there were no mp3 samples available.

"Make a Difference" was the next Cd. It was one of those CD's with "revolution christian praise" type style music. It was a CD of the "Mass of the Joyful Heart".

A CD version of the "Mass of Glory" was next. It had a version of the Gloria with clicking fingers and a gospel singer. Exciting.

"Mass of St. Barbara" was what I listened to after that noise. It is a bi-lingual setting of the NO. It was horrible. St. Barbara is crying tears because of it.

"Mass of the Pilgrim Church" was what I listened to next. It was calm, but too modern. It had a "Congregational protestant hymn" twist to it. It just seemed too genericaly protestant.

"May we Praise You" was a setting of the "St. Louis Jesuits Mass". Yep, the St. Louis Jesuits. It was gross.

"Misa del Mundo" was next. Yay. Excuse my fould language, but it was just crap.

"Misa Juan Diego" was next. It is gramatically incorrect, for translated it means "Mass Juan Diego". I just have a feeling that it is named after St. Juan Diego. The GIRM says that is certain countries, people may use their traditional instruments in the Mass. The setting in this mass completely misinterpreted it.

That is enough for today, I don't want to bore you. God Bless!

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