Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ugh, Liberalism.

This time in Chicago. While flipping through the channel's today, trying to find EWTN, I can across something on Vision TV, called "Divine Restoration". I have heard about it before. It only does the radical, fundamentalist, churches. But today, they did a Catholic church ... a very liberal one too. This unorthodox church is called Holy Angels Catholic Church. In the words of the girl who was being asked about the choir on the show "We also have a liturgical dance group in the baseement". I was disgusted at that point. Who do they think they are? They are not allowed to have "liturgical dancers" or as I call them "liturgical terrorists". Here is their website...
http://www.holyangels.com/. If you have eaten in the past, oh maybe ... 4 hours, I suggest you don't go to this website. May I mention, that on the "Our Ministries" link, every ection has the logo for the Methodist church on it. They also have some very, very not-good-looking art.

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