Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas in the Vatican!

Hello! How are you all doing! It is almost Christmas! Celebrating Christs birth. I have my tree up, my Nativity set up (2 or 3 of them), and my lights up, and all my decorations up! They are all Religious, with the exception of St. Nicholas statues (they are Religious too!). How about your decorations? But that isn't the main point.

That picture is the Vatican tree! Now here is the Nativity set...

It is very beautiful, indeed, but it isn't this years though, and neither is the tree. This year for the Nativity, it will show Christ and St. Joseph in his Carpentry shop. I don't know why though.

And then, on Christmas Night, you have to go to Christmas Mass. Remember: it is Obligatory.

Christmas Mass in the Vatican is absolutely beautiful I have watched it on EWTN before, for I don't have enough money to go to the Vatican, unfortunately.

Here is a picture from Life Magazine of the Choir at Christmas Mass.

Il Divino Nino,

For thou art born!

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