Thursday, 31 December 2009

Cathedrals of the World, Part 3.

This is the third segment of the Cathedrals of the World! I will be doing Shrewsbury Cathedral, in England. First off, the Windows.
This is the great West Window. Absolutely stunning!
One of the images, off a big window.
A window with the Crests of the Bishops of the Diocese of Shrewsbury.Another great window.

Now, I will do the inside.

This is the Nativity shrine.

This is a view of the Sanctuary, from the back.

This is the Baptismal font.


The Crucifix, with two statues just float in the air!

Now I will do the outside.

And thats all I can fit, because my computer is being crooked today. There are big spaces in between the text blocks, etc.


David Brown said...

There are more important churches at The site is free. It has narrated slide tours of New York City and Venice Italy.

CM said...

Why, thank you! It will help me lots with these articles!