Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Theres something Scary...

Now, as you know (or probably don't), I hate modern art. Yes. It is really -- um, weird? It's just, ugly. Some Churches also have modern art ... most of the churches are called "community" now. I really don't get it ... are they allergic to the word Church. If any liberals are reading, let me type it again ... Church. Are you shribbling in horror yet? Okay ... let me get to the point. Some of the art just truly freightens the living day lights out of me. Seriously!

Look at this .... things.

This is what I call (if it even deserves a name)... "Christ on Sticks". Look, even the lady in the chair is freightened of it ... it's either that, or shes asleep ... because she looks well like it.

Also, there is this thing..

The poor thing looks like it's in agony! Somebody put it out of it's misery! I am in misery just looking at it ... what ever it is!

Now wouldn't you rather this?

Now wouldn't you?

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