Friday, 12 February 2010

I am Sick!

I am now sick. Sick of people throwing stones at our Church. I am sick of people saying things about our Church. I have had enough of this "anti-Catholicism" that is on the rise, and people accusing our good Priests of peing "pedophiles". I have recieved several messages on YouTube from this user, who keeps condemning our church. I ask him if he is an anti-Catholic, and then he responds "No, I am anti-institution" I then told him that that was the same thing, so now he has been sending messages to me attacking the church. He also needs some grammar lessons (*-*).

The most famous attack on our church, is that our priests are pedophiles. That is so, so untrue. There were pedophiles who snuck into the priesthood, and used the priesthood just to get to children; but that doesn't mean that Priests are pedophiles.

Another accusation is that we are idolaters. No, we do not, never will, and never think about worshipping statues.

Then that leads to the accusations that we worship Mary, and the Saints. Here is something I found on EWTN.

It starts off to say that this lady was at a wedding, where the groom was a recent convert to the Church, and some of his family were still protestant. So, the good priest added explanations at the appropriate times (when this is, I do not know)...but anyhow, this is what it says to that.

"When the time came for that gesture at this particular wedding, the priest
tried to explain. He said that the placing of the flowers is done because "we
Catholics worship Mary." There was a collective sigh from the few Catholics in
the church and a collective gasp from the non-Catholics, who felt their worst
suspicions confirmed.

Was the priest right or wrong? Well, both. He was right, given his
understanding of the word "worship," though he was using it an almost archaic
sense. He was surely wrong in using it in front of people who would
misunderstand his meaning.

In common speech "worship" means the adoration given to God alone. In
this sense Catholics don't worship Mary or any of the other saints. In fact, the
Catholic Church forbids any adoration to be given to any one or any thing but
God. But in an older use of the term "worship" could cover not just the
adoration of God but also the honor given to anyone deserving of honor.

Begin with the word itself. It comes from the Old English weorthscipe,
which means the condition of being worthy of honor, respect, or dignity. To
worship in the older, larger sense is to ascribe honor, worth, or excellence to
someone, whether a sage, a magistrate, or God.
But there are different kinds
of worship, just as there are different kinds of honor. The highest honor, and
thus the highest worship, is given to God alone, while the honor or worship
given to living men or to saints in heaven is of a different sort. Idolatry thus
does not simply mean giving worship (in the old sense) to living men or to
saints; it means giving them the kind reserved for God."

If you want to read the full article, it is Here.

Now, as you read above... it gives a pretty specific answer to how we honor Mary.

Please...if I was too negative in this post, let me know! I try not to be, thought sometimes it gets the best of me.

Oh Most Holy Mother of God ... Pray for Us Sinners, Now, and at the hour of Our Death! Amen.

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