Monday, 14 May 2012

A Mother's Nest

Apparently, a robin has taken a liking to the wreath I have on my front door. Why? Well, Mother Robin has decided (hopefully) to raise her family there, and...I don't object, but I may work out a rental agreement if she's willing.

She's ever-so-tastefully took it upon herself to furnish and decorate to her tastes, to create a cosy family environment.

Don't worry, I never touched it. I zoomed in, because I know that Mother Robin would hardly be fancied to re-nest if I had.

AH! You're saying to yourself: look, he's figured out how to put his OWN pictures up! Yes, I have! I have found a camera! But that's not important, what's important is this: a bird has built her nest on my wreath.

A few days ago I did notice on the steps a few twigs, and moss, heather, and grass. I assumed it was from the wind, because we've been having windy weather lately. But then yesterday, I noticed my door had gotten busier-looking, and as blank as I am, I never noticed the wreath first. Then I closed the door and from inside the door I noticed it.

What's funny is that out of ALL the maybe 7 or 8 trees in my front yard, and out of ALL the maybe 26 trees in my back yard and out of ALL the maybe 400000000 trees in the "village", out of ALL the 200 houses with 4/5 of them having wreaths on the doors, a robin chose my door for her nesting. I'm frankly, honoured. I need to do a bit of reading now, and figure out how long she'll nest for. I blocked off the front steps so no one will come a use the front door and end up knocking the poor bird's house down. So guests will either climb through the window or go through the back for now. It'd be a sin to move it.

I'll keep you updated in this matter of course!

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