Saturday, 19 May 2012

Further ado

It's nights like this, nights when I can't sleep...that I can really think. No noise, just silence. The gentle warmth coming from my heater, the wind blowing outside, the silent clink of my Rosary beads when I pray.

Well! Then why am I blogging if I'm in such a peaceful condition? Well I cannot sleep of course! That bird who has rented my door wreath, is mothering her egg (or eggs, I haven't checked today), and won't leave. That's not the problem either. I'm happy about the poor bird and her nest. Ecstatic, actually.

I just had the equivalent of two cuppa teas. Too much caffeine before bedtime, I suppose. I am going to pray for a good night's rest, ask my Guardian Angel to watch over me, the Blessed Virgin to guide me to Our Lord who I am asking to have mercy on me. Dear readers? You have my prayers! Any intentions that you have, I am praying for them! So, without further ado...God Bless, and Good Night! If you can't sleep either, just flip through my archives and you'll be sure to doze off.


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