Monday, 21 May 2012

Have a jolly good, happy Victoria Day!

Believe it or not, we celebrate May 24th for Queen Victoria and her Birthday, not to drink lager and scotch and get drunk as a dog who has just broken his master's flask.

Sure, pour yourself a hardy glass of whisky/whiskey (or alternative) halfed with fizzy ginger ale, and toast to the Queen but don't overdo it.

Yes, Irishmen did drink to the Queen.

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Pearl of Tyburn said...

Hi, Cameron!

I love the picture of Queen Victoria you posted. She looks so young and regal. By the way, I really enjoyed the movie with Emily Blunt called "The Young Victoria".

Even though Victoria is not one of my favorite monarchs, and I do believe she could have done more to help the potato famine victums, I thought the film was a very interesting portrayal of a part of Victoria that we rarely see.

She was the longest reigning monarch, and she has become a symbol of Britishness and tradition. So here's a belated health to the day! My ginger-ale glass is raised aloft!