Friday, 11 May 2012

Catholic schools could be breaking laws over gay marriage

The Welsh Government has written to Catholic schools in Wales following complaints over teachers inviting pupils to sign a petition against the Givernment’s plans to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.
Ministers in Westminster are still "looking into” whether or not to issue a similar warning to schools in England.
More than 600,000 people so far have signed the Coalition For Marriage campaign petition, supported by figures such as Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Catholic Education Service said last month that it had contacted its 385 secondary schools in England and Wales asking them to circulate the letter by the Archbishops of Westminster and Southwark - the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols and the Most Reverend Peter Smith - which was recently read in parishes, defending the traditional definition of marriage.
You see that marriage is under attack, the very sacrament and holy institution of marriage is under attack - by those we've elected and put into office. Please pray for Wales!

Read mroe here.  ( I know, the Telegraph...but I couldn't find anything)

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