Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pope receives new Papal Tiara

Today at the Pope's general audience, he was presented with a new PAPAL TIARA!!!!!!!!! YES! It was a gift and an ecumenical action from both us Catholic and the Orthodox. It was crafted by the wonderful and extremely beautiful Orthodox company, Liturgix. Have you SEEN their vestments? Truly, they're blessed with talented artists. Anyhow, here is a report from the beautiful blog, Orbis Catholicus Secundum.

At today's weekly general audience the Holy Father received a new tiara made for him and presented by Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

The tiara was commissioned by Dieter Philippi (, a German Catholic businessman who has a great devotion to the papacy as well as to the call to Christian unity.

The tiara was created in Sofia, Bulgaria by Orthodox Christians of the Liturgix studio (

Today a small delegation of Roman Catholics and Bulgarian Orthodox on pilgrimage in Rome had the honor to present the tiara to the Holy Father in the name of Christian unity.

Congratulations to Dieter and to all German Catholics and Bulgarian Orthodox involved with this wonderful project.

Ut Unum Sint!

Now, how wonderful!

I really pray for a return to the Papal tiara! Though, getting people to understand it's reasons will be difficult. That's okay.

What do you think about the Papal Tiara? Let me know in the comment box.....!

God Bless!
Pray for the Pope!

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