Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Best Missal

If thou art on the lookout for some misalettes to give to a friend, or your children, or whoeverl, I am going to recommend you the one published by Angelus Press. They're only new, and Fr.Z reviewed them a while ago, but these misalettes are fantastic. I've not even got one, and I love it already! From the website
-Short Instruction on the Holy Mass
-Ordinary of the Mass for High and Low Masses
-The Propers of Trinity Sunday
-22 original illustrations to help newcomers follow the Mass
-Directions for kneeling, sitting, and standing
-Copious commentary in the margins on the Mass itself taken from St. Thomas Aquinas and the writings of Frs. de Chivre, Gihr, and Beaubien
-The after-Mass Leonine Prayers
-Prayer for the Sovereign of England
-Thanksgiving Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas
-Anima Christi
-Indulgenced Prayer Before a Crucifix
-The Prayer for All Things Necessary to Salvation.
-The Rite of Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Isn't that everything you want in a missal, let alone in a little misalette! Especially the prayers for the Holy Father which I presume are in there, and for the Queen! 

Buy one, over here:

What are YOUR thoughts on this little gem! God Bless :)

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