Monday, 2 May 2011

Current Election

I am falling apart in my sat here watching the election. OH MY GOD! Conservatives are currently at 133 seats, and the New Democrats currently have 74. The Liberals have 30, and the Bloc has 5 and thankfully, the Green has NONE 0, none, zitch, zilch! The Conservatives need 155 seats OR above to get a majority, and the Conservatives are planning on de-funding Planned Parenthood. To compare them to out mother country's politics, the Conservatives, are of course the equivalent to the Conservatives. The Liberals are the equivalent to the Liberal Democrats. The New Democrats are the equivalent to the Labour. This is apparent more so in ideologies.

Conservative Party UK are: Conservatism, British Unionism, and Soft eurocepticism.
Canada's Conservatives are: just Conservatism.

The Liberal Democrats are: Liberalism, Social Liberalism
Canada's Liberals are: Centre, Centre-Left, Liberalism

Labour Party: Democratic-socialism, Social Democracy
NDP:  Democratic-socialism, Social Democracy

The ideologies of the NDP and Labour are the same. They are both also centre-left. The NDP is outspokenly pro-choice, and therefore not a good party to have as the opposition. They are also socialists, which just adds to the list. As of current, the polls say Conservative: 145  NDP: 98  Liberal: 32. No matter how hard they try the Bloc and Green aren't getting in....I don't even know how they expect it. 8 of the ridings in Quebec which had Bloc MP's, now have NDP ones! WOW.

I am quite happy with the number of Conservative members in, since A LOT of them are pro-life.

Now, as I end this writing the currents poll is: Conservative: 149 NDP: 100 Liberal: 31 Bloc: 4 Green: 0 Other: 4

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