Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My dear friends

My dear readers, please excuse my absence from blogging. With the summer months, comes a flock of people who want you to do everthing for them. Pluse, the temperatures are too high to stay inside on the computer, when you could be out side running around, fishing, walking everywhere, discover new places. Yes, I do have an adventerous side. But, most importantly, the Church. I volunteer my time sometimes to clean up outside the church, and with the innumerous amount of tourists, asking information. Helping the Parish. Going to the Lords sacrifice. Which I proudfully, and joyfully pray. But, my schedule has been sky-rocketed. Plus, my dear relative died a few short says ago. A woman, by the name of Margaret. I would ask of you to pray for the repose of her sould, my dear friends. Please forigve me, and within a few days, once I get the mobile-blogging app figured out and what not, I will be back on a normal blogging schedule. I ask ye again, dear readers. Forgive me, for I don't know why people can't do things for themselves in the summer, some people are just really lazy. But, I will not complain, Whenever someone wants help, why not help them. God Bless.

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