Thursday, 1 July 2010

Disectiong the "Progressive Catholic Church"

Today I was browsing throught the magical world of the internet, and came across the webpage of a church called "St. Joan of Arc Progressive Catholic Church". I said to myself, oh Great! Now they're admitting to it.
Well, to the webpage I go. Then, do I read,

"The Progressive Catholic Church is an independent catholic denomination that is not in affiliated with, or in communion with, the Roman Catholic Church or any other denomination or religious community.".

So now, they have formed their own denomination, not just schismatic communities, like Spiritus Christi in Rochester, and the Spirit of Vatican II Church in Knoxville. The heretical Progressive Catholic Church is not even affiliated with the Union of Utrecht, another supposed "Catholic" schismatic group of churches.

I go to their "What we Believe" page, and find out some very, er, interesting stuff.

The following is taken from that very page, comments mine.

Inclusive • {I was expecting that}The Progessive Catholic Church seeks to reach out to those who feel alienated. {This could be, who?}We believe that who a person is, and how a person lives, does not separate him or her from the love and compassion of God.{So, someone could be an unrepentant serial killer, but that doesn't seperate them from God? They could be full of Mortal Sin (unrepentantly) and not be seperated from God?}

Proactive • Believing that the Holy Spirit continues to guide the Church through the 'Sense of the Faithful'{Which is..}, our Catholic Community{Community} sees itself as a process as well as an institution which hopes to listen to, rather than speak for, {And worship those people} the people of God as they seek ways, prompted by the {Holy} Spirit, to remake{Ah, this is the same old excuse} the Church into a credible community of faith for the world.

Compassionate • The difficult decisions in our lives are always harder to make alone. At such times, the compassionate support of a community of faith can be crucial. Morality ought to be the response to the life of the Holy Spirit within each human person, and a loving way of life for the whole community.

We believe wholeheartedly that an informed conscience, {But not all "conscience" decisions are morally acceptable, of course, they don't care!} molded on Gospel values of truth, justice, compassion and love, {Incorrect, and a false love, cupidity is what I'll and others shall call it} should be the ultimate motivating force in a person's life.

We teach these values with the individual person in mind and with respect for individual human freedom and dignity. We trust that, if we are people fully living in the spirit of truth, we will be able to decide what is just and right conduct, both in our own lives and within society. {This wreaks of Pro-Choice nonsense.)

In Short ... We believe that no person should be denied the ability to worship Jesus Christ in an open and affirming worship community. These beliefs hold forth for both members and clergy. Our family is open to every race, gender, and sexual orientation. {AHA! You first try to confuse us with some crap, then you come right out and say it!)

We celebrate a weekly open communion for all baptized Christians regardless of denomination. {Don't worry, it is invalid and illiciit}

Atleast I found several mentions of "tradition", though, I highly doubt anything they do is "traditional".

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