Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kelowna to fly pro-life flag

Kelowna could become the first major city in B.C. to wear its opinions on its flag. Their city hall is considering flying a pro-life flag during the last week of September, which the city calls “Protect Human Life Week.”
Kelowna has been honouring this event for the past five years.
The flag design is red white and blue with red stripes and red writing that reads “pro-life,” along with silhouettes of a toddler, an adult, and elderly person. City hall rejected the original design of the flag which read: “From conception to natural death.”
Right now, another flag is flying over city hall in Kelowna: A rainbow one. It’s only the second year ever that the city has raised it to acknowledge gay pride festivities.
Similar pro-life flags have been raised in places like Guelph and Whitby, Ontario.
This is just wonderful!

It's unfortunate about the pride flag though, and in a sense, it's kind of contradictory to fly one and then the other, but at least they're going it!

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