Thursday, 23 February 2012

On an open-mind.

Do you know what irritates me? It might irritate you too. I'll give you a hint: they're annoying, they're weird. People who always preach open-mindedness.

You see them on the tele, in our newspapers, in our pulpits. Even some of them are bishops in our Church, leading the flock astray. I am tired of hearing how we should be more open-minded, and more accepting and tolerant.

I have written on it many times before, so have many other great bloggers. These people who profess to be Catholics (in name only, however), they profess to be tolerant and accepting of people of all "faiths, persuasions, and sexualities". But the moment you mention you're Catholic, or the moment you point out that they are dissenting from Church teaching, the moment you even utter the word "latin" or "God" or even "Rosary" they'll pounce on top of you with the force of a pregnant elephant for not being tolerant and inclusive, because you're too focussed on the midaevil concept of the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church, prayer, and tradition.

So much for an open mind.

Might Heaven forbid that you're more concerned with the salvation of other peoples souls than you are about what the welfare of spruce trees. How dare you want to introduce some poor soul to authentic Catholicism, to the true teachings of Holy Mother Church. Why on EARTH would you want to focus on the suffering, pain, and agony that Our Lord and Saviour suffered for the salvation of souls.

He died for us, he was whipped and scourged, he was poked and prodded. Upon the cross was he crucified, bearing the burden of the world's sin upon his glorious and most adorable shoulders. His Immaculate and sinless Mother watching, praying and weeping, as she knew this was God's will.

And then after, many Saints would bear the precious wounds of Our Lord, and help many souls to heaven. But no, we can't focus on that. It's shameful, religion is about acceptance and putting up with others views.

I am not infallible, far from it. I do not have any authority over people, I am not judging men's souls. However it is important that we point out that priests, and dare I even say it Bishops, are leading the faithful souls of the holy Catholic Church, astray.

It is so sad that it is probable you'd find more protestants in the Pews of your average Parish, than you would find protestants at the protest.

However, we can notice a slight change. It is true that these days, we do have more faithful Priests. We do have more faithful Bishops, and though however the unfaithful do currently exist!

But you look at the FSSP, ICRSS, and religious communites. Slowly, nuns are putting their habits back on. Monks are restoring their traditional rule. School sisters' and brothers' are slowly bringing back true education and ways of teaching the doctrines, and precepts of the one, true Church.

This is Lent. Please offer up your sufferings and prayers for the Church, and don't forget that we are ALL sinners, so GO TO CONFESSION!

In your Rosary today, remember all the Pope, the successor of St Peter, and his fight to restore true Catholicity!

Salve Regina!

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