Monday, 8 August 2011

Blogs I enjoy...

So, everone has a top 10 list of their favourite blogs! These are mine, though the number doesn't indicate my rank of likingness, they're just my favourites!
  • Cleansing Fire ( - these guys are the reason I started blog. I never knew (literally, I never) what a blog was before I came across Cleansing Fire! I have read them since their first post, which I found out about on YouTube. They just keep on getting beter and better, especially since they added new writers (the best blog ever [period.])
  • WDTPRS - ( ) an obvious choice, and everyone's favourite
  • The Ironic Catholic ( ) - Because it's hilarious and orthodox at once. Actually, I only just started to read this one. Though, it's very addicting.
  • The Crescat - ( There is no other blog like it, it's one of a kind and she's an excellent blogger, with good humour, not to mention a great artist.
  • Catholic Bibles ( )- I always want to know what's new in Biblical translations, and new editions of what translation which are coming out. His blog is the best to go to.
  • The Transalpine Redemptorist Blog - ( extremely loyal to the Holy Father, extremely traditional, extremely orthodox, extremely Catholic. They're an excellent order, and their blog always keeps me updated with what's going on with them! And, they're in Scotland!
  • Acts of the Apostasy ( - Self explanatory. 
  • Orthometer - ( the best blog ever (period)

Okay, that's not ten but they're the main blogs I read. Thank you for listening, have a nice day.

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