Sunday, 26 June 2011


Christ is present in the Blessed Sacrament: Body, Soul, and Divinity. We could not live without our Blessed Saviour. Yet, he is profaned the whole world over, intentionally, and unintentionally. Unintentionally, our Sweetest Saviour is profaned by those who have been mislead by heretics, though the heretics profaned Our Lord intentionally, disobeying His Church. Dissenting from His Mystical Body. When He is profaned, our Blessed Mother weeps. Her Immaculate Heart is stricken with another sword. She, who bore Him in Her womb, our Blessed Lady.

When we stray from the teachings of His Church, we fall into sin. When we sin, we must repent and ask forgiveness....we can only be forgiven through the Confessional. If we should die in sin (mortal sin).....then can we enter into the Gates of Heaven? What will we answer when Our Saviour says to us "Did you obey me. Did you obey my Church?" what will you say? When the Lord says to you "Did you teach others of my goodness?" what will you say? "Did you love your neighbour as you loved yourself?" He will ask; What will you say? "Oh, but.....I believe that everyone goes into Heaven. How could a God, which is merciful and just, send someone to Hell" you say, oh but wait. How could a God, who is most merciful and just NOT send someone to Hell! Should one go to Hell, he deserves it. And, if we are sent to Hell, we will know we deserve it. We will accept it, and accept and eternity of suffering for our sins, and for our giving in to pleasures of the world.

When we sin, we offend Our Lord and Saviour, who is most present in the Blessed Sacrament. Come, spend and hour in the presence of our Dear and Blessed Saviour. Come, ask for the intercession on his most pure, sinless Virgin Mother, our sweetest and most dearest Blessed Lady. Our Lady. She, who did bear Our Lord in Her Womb. Her intercession is most powerful.

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