Monday, 21 March 2011

Theatrical Performances.

Before I start, could I say, I owe about 70% of my traffic to the wonderful, exception, holy, orthodox people over at Cleansing Fire. Could we please a a round of applause for the good people? God Bless em!

In the US of A, the new translation of the Mass is going to be implemented next Advent, hurray for them! You hear clapping and singing in applaud for the implementation, amongst the actually-orthodox Catholics like us (shout out to you, Gen). But in Canada......the bishops haven't even bothered to tell us that it was in the making., for lack of better words. I have email Father William Burke, director of the Liturgy office, so I am expecting a response.

The other day, I attended the Mass in the vernacular, which I do, time to time. I went to a parish in an outport just next to mine. The Priest, who I know, is usually very orthodox and he "says the black, does the red". While I loved how Father was praying the mass reverently, which I scarcely see in the NO around here, the choir was horrible. Not in their singing, that was fine. The organ player was doing fantastic, and the piano player....well, whenever the organ would start playing....shortly after, like 5 seconds, you'd hear that nasty little contraption chime in with it's twists and twirls and accents which it put on the hymns. I love pianos, and piano music. I play the piano myself! But I DON'T want to hear it in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! The organ was doing magnificent, so why, Madam Choir Director, did you through in that nasty little racket? At this Mass, there was a children's liturgy, where the Priest calls all the children up in front of the congregation, and and Ms Lad-di-daa takes them into a little room to make felt banners and stuff like that, which we all hate. They are then let out just before communion. Well, when Ms Lad-di-daa led them back to the little room they have, the choir started to sing a most wretched song, something like "Go in peace" or something like you'd hear from Cary Landry, or Marty Haugen, One of those feel-good hymns with a sentimental tune, which we all detest. I don't see what good it is to take our children from the Mass to go have play time with Ms Lad-dii-daa. Anyways, the settings of the Gloria, Sanctus, etc...were of the same nature: a sentimental tune with inclusive gender-neutral language. Though, as an upside, they sang the Kyrie Eleison in Latin! (Well, Greek, if you want to be specific). I could see that Father wasn't too enthusiastic about the choir either.

Anyways, that's another reason I have a preference of the TLM! Though, scatter time when I do go to the NO, it is simply beautiful. Especially when the Priest I talked about above says it, he is a simply holy man!

It was my Grandmother who said to me last week "When I go to Mass, I don't want to feel like I'm at a theatrical performance or having to do penance. When I go to Mass, I want beauty and the Lord!"

God Bless you!

Pray for the Pope!

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